World on the Brink; A

Globalization and Its Discontents

In Episode Two, Dee Smith examines globalization and its impact. The transnational flow of goods and information has lifted nearly a billion people out of poverty, but not without significant consequences.
  • program length: 60 minutes
  • episode #102

Sunday, July 29 at 12:00 pm on 12.2

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In 2018, the world feels more dangerous, more threatening, and more unpredictable than ever. Global institutions seem unable to control forces unleashed by an increasingly interconnected world. We appear to be moving forward and backward at the same time - forward into a world where technology connects us at an ever-faster pace, and backward into a world where tribalism, religious differences, and resource-scarcity rule the day.In this new, up-to-the-minute documentary series A World On the Brink, host Dee Smith (a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations and currently at the University of Texas at Austin) provides crucial insights into how we arrived at today's fractured moment, where we may be headed next.