Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts

Raptor Round Up

Martin and Chris are on a mission to check out hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and vultures. But evil chef Gourmand has his own plan for the raptors and has been capturing them in his quest to find the tastiest raptor wing. The Wild Kratts team must rescue the raptors before they become Gourmand's next gourmet delicacy.Science Concepts: Classification, Birds of prey

Monday, October 15 at 6:30 am on 12.2

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  • Monday, October 8 at 7:30 am on 12.1

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Chris and Martin are determined to prove to Aviva that there's more to crocodiles than their reputation as scary brutes. They use an egg disguise, created by Aviva, to infiltrate a crocodile nest for an insider's look at the challenging journey of the infant crocs and their mom. Science Concept: Heat can be produced in many ways, and can move from one object to another by a process called conduction.