Down the Mighty River

Addicted to Hydro

Quebec and the James Bay Cree have one thing in common: they're both hooked on hydro-electric power. Today, the Cree have come rely on hydro money. For Quebec, it's the cornerstone of the province's economic and political aspirations. With a ready and able workforce and an insatiable appetite for power south of the border, Hydro-Quebec is doing what they do best: damming. The Cree have tried to shake their addiction to hydro, proposing alternatives such as wind power. Some say Hydro-Quebec shut these...
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  • program length: 22 minutes
  • episode #104

Friday, June 21 at 1:30 am on 12.2

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Our host, Ernest Webb (Cree), take us on a journey down the Rupert River for the last time, the summer before it’s diverted for a hydroelectric. Once a prominent Cree destination, Ernest will uncover the river’s true story, its people, land, and wildlife forever capturing the change and impact the hydroelectric project will have on the Cree’s cultural significance of Rupert River.