Peg Plus Cat

Peg + Cat

The Big Dig Problem/The Crayon Problem

225A The Big Dig ProblemPeg's Yard. The Pirates are digging up Peg's neighborhood,all because of a treasure map that has a strange purple splotch. Primary Content: Fractions - measurement, interpreting mapsSecondary Content: Counting by 5s to 20225B The Crayon Problem Graph Paper Background. When Peg and Cat find themselves without a background, they take out crayons and create their own world.Primary Content: 2D shape attributesSecondary Content: Counting on by twos

Friday, July 19 at 12:30 pm on 12.2

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  • Friday, July 19 at 9:00 am on 12.1
  • Sunday, July 21 at 9:00 am on 12.1

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"Peg + Cat" follows Peg and her sidekick Cat on her adventures as they learn foundational math concepts and skills. PBS Kids is committed to using media to enhance kids’ educational opportunities. National math assessments show that 60 percent of students are performing below proficient levels in math by the 4th grade. The addition of "Peg + Cat" to the PBS Kids preschool lineup will encourage kids to use math concepts as they explore their world. Each episode features fascinating stories in which "Peg and Cat" encounter a problem that requires them to use math and problem solving skills in order to move forward. Their adventures take them through worlds of infinite possibilities — from farms to purple planets, from 16th-century Verona to New York’s Radio City Music Hall, from a land of pirates to a prehistoric valley — demonstrating that math is everywhere. The show will also address core skills including cooperation, perseverance and resiliency.