Dive into UKIYO-E

Dive into UKIYO-E

The Peak of Spring and Cherry Blossom Viewing

Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints flourished in the 18th-19th century. In this episode, we feature an Ukiyo-e print depicting the peak of spring and cherry blossom viewing.
  • program length: 10 minutes
  • episode #6117

Sunday, April 29 at 7:40 am on 12.4

additional airdates

  • Saturday, April 28 at 7:40 pm on 12.4
  • Sunday, April 29 at 1:40 am on 12.4
  • Sunday, April 29 at 1:40 pm on 12.4

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Traditional Japanese woodblock prints called Ukiyo-e flourished during the Edo period in the 18th-19th century. We will dive into the world of Ukiyo-e, presented in Rakugo-style storytelling by Katsura Sunshine.