Eat! Drink! Italy! With Vic Rallo

Eat! Drink! Italy! With Vic Rallo

Two Pastas

Macaroni Bastardo with chef Massimo Belliteri in Mount Etna; coffee roasting with expert Alessandro Hausbrandt in Trieste; Vic prepares the classic Pasta alla Norma

Wednesday, August 31 at 10:30 am on 12.2

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EAT! DRINK! ITALY! WITH VIC RALLO takes viewers on a fast-paced, informative tour of Italy's food and wine scene - from the Alps to the southern shores of Sicily. Whether discovering the perfect prosciutto in San Daniele, experimental vineyards in San Felice, or cheesemaking in Verona, the series provides a feast for the eyes and the palate. Host Vic Rallo, an Italian food and wine expert and restaurateur, shares his contagious enthusiasm for Italian ingredients, techniques and history while highlighting the country's exceptional cuisine and wine.