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Volunteer Tourism, Part 1

One of the fastest growing areas in travel is international volunteer tourism. It started over one hundred years ago when the Red Cross set-up the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) to help soldiers and civilians in combat zones regardless of their alliance. In this program, Burt travels to Geneva, Switzerland, London, and Washington, DC to talk with experts at the International Red Cross, and the World Health Organization, to find out what is happening and how we can use our vacation time to help.

Friday, September 28 at 9:00 am on 12.2

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Travels & Traditions is a series of 13 half-hour programs in which award-winning journalist Burt Wolf travels to cities around the world, telling the stories of local traditions that have influenced us all. In many locations, he also shows how foreign traditions have influenced the city he is visiting. He reveals the relationship of marriage and food and the history of gaming. And, of course, he examines society and culture through eating.