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Give a gift like no other - become a Colorado Public Television (CPT12) volunteer!

Some of the most important support given to CPT12 has nothing to do with money. Instead, it is comprised of the hours of dedication and energy supplied by Colorado Public Television volunteers.

We understand that everyone has something unique to contribute and we offer a variety of ways you can assist. Whether you like working with people or paper, being seated or active, serving flexible or fixed hours, Channel 12 has a place for you.

Experience is not necessary to volunteer – just enthusiasm. We will provide training in exchange for your time and commitment. Volunteering your time is a great way to meet new people, gain valuable job experience and have some community-spirited fun!

Opportunities include:

  • Administrative projects
  • Phone banks for pledge drives or auctions
  • Auction activities, including cultivation of gifts or processing bids
  • Community outreach & events
  • Volunteer coordinating

When you join Colorado Public Television's volunteer corps, you will be part of an exciting and fulfilling network of interesting people committed to public television.

Contact us by e-mail to get started today!

Volunteer Spotlight

Congratulations to Gail McAfee, who has been awarded the Volunteer of the Year Service Award by the National Friends of Public Broadcasting.

Gail is the leader of the North Metro Community Services group – a group of physically and mentally-challenged adults who have been coming to CPT12 every Monday for nearly twenty years to package thank-you gifts and stuff envelopes for our Membership Department.

Gail has developed a system that involves all of the group members and distributes tasks that match each person's abilities. She is able to make the work fun for the group, and keeps everything organized and streamlined.

Thank you to Gail and the group!

You are a very important part in helping Membership send out thousands of gifts and letters each year, and keeping CPT12's great programming on the air!

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