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Program Highlights

Globe Trekker

Globe Trekker "Special: Planet of the Apes"

Tonight at 7:00pm on Channel 12.1
Our Trekkers visit the last strongholds of many rare and sometimes endangered species of primates. Justine Shapiro heads to Thailand in search of the White-Handed Gibbon. Holly Morris, Ian Wright and Megan McCormick get up close and personal with the orangutan in Borneo and Sumatra, the chimpanzee in Tanzania, and more.

NOVA "Why Planes Vanish"

Tonight at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
The disappearance of Flight MH370 stunned the world. In an era of smart-phones and GPS, how could a 270-ton passenger jet vanish into thin air? NOVA tells the inside story of the search for Flight MH370 and meets the key players, from all corners of the globe, who have spent months searching for the lost plane.
Warriors Return

Warriors Return

Tonight at 9:30pm on Channel 12.1
Diné (Navajo) warriors have served in the military proudly and bravely – from the Code talkers in WWII, to the Army Rangers in Viet Nam, to the Army and Reserves who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. This film looks at the challenges of returning home with Post Traumatic Stress and the help found in traditional healing and western talk therapy.

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