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Program Highlights


NOVA "Emperor's Ghost Army"

Tonight at 7:00pm on Channel 12.1
To defend himself in the afterlife, the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, was buried in a vast mausoleum accompanied by around 9,000 life-sized terracotta statues. NOVA investigates the secrets of how and why the astonishing figures were made and the technology behind the still lethal and highly-advanced crossbows, spears, and swords carried by the clay warriors.

POV "The Genius of Marian"

Tonight at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
This visually rich film tells an emotionally complex story about one family’s struggle to come to terms with Alzheimer’s disease. After Pam White is diagnosed at age 61 with early-onset Alzheimer’s, life begins to change, slowly but irrevocably, for Pam and everyone around her. Pictured: "The Last Summer" ©1978, watercolor featuring Pam White & Banker White.
Xmas Without China

Xmas Without China

Monday, December 22 at 7:00pm on Channel 12.1
Pride and mischief inspire Chinese immigrant Tom Xia to challenge his American neighbors to survive the Christmas season without any Chinese products. Fed up with toy and food recalls, the Jones family down the street eagerly accept the consumer mission-impossible and are drawn into a surprising intercultural exchange with the Xia family.
Neal Cassady: The Denver Years

Neal Cassady: The Denver Years

Monday, December 22 at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
Neal Cassady was a charismatic, larger then life character. His charm, manic energy, sexual swagger, and free flowing verbosity made him the authentic "hero" of the beat generation. Based on autobiographical accounts, this CPT12 documentary chronicles Cassady's troubled youth in Denver and the crucial role that it played in the germination of American beat culture.
Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow "Junk in the Trunk 4, Part 2"

Tuesday, December 23 at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
ROADSHOW’s bigger-than-ever 2014 season includes a second hour of never-before-seen appraisals, such as a collection of 1898 Mardi Gras invitations; Julia Child’s copper pans (pictured) that Child used on her TV show; and a German violin with a Sartory bow that is appraised for $25,000 to $27,000, with $20,000 of the value in the bow alone.
Ultimate Restorations

Ultimate Restorations "The Illions Supreme Carousel: A Rare Masterpiece"

Tuesday, December 23 at 9:00pm on Channel 12.1
The Illions Supreme was once the largest and most spectacular carousel from renowned master carver Marcus Charles Illions, with individual horses valued in the millions today. Incredibly, its provenance faded away under weather and cheap paint and it languished in storage for almost 60 years. Piecing it back together requires engineers and artists alike, but the results are breathtaking.
A Christmas Carol: The Concert

A Christmas Carol: The Concert

Wednesday, December 24 at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
This unique musical event marks the first time Charles Dickens’ classic "A Christmas Carol" has been adapted for a live orchestral concert with choir and soloists. Filled with memorable, haunting and rousing songs, the faithfully-adapted story is performed by theater luminaries as Michael Aaron Lindner (pictured) and E. Faye Butler.
The First Silent Night

The First Silent Night

Wednesday, December 24 at 9:30pm on Channel 12.1
One of the world's favorite carols, "Silent Night" has been translated into over 300 languages. In this program, renowned actor Simon Callow journeys to the Austrian village of Oberndorf and the city of Salzburg to uncover the carol's humble origins almost 200 years ago.
Anderson University's Candles & Carols 2012

Anderson University's Candles & Carols 2012

Thursday, December 25 at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
This special spotlights the talents of Anderson University's Chamber Orchestra and Chorale, the Men's Choir, the Women's Chorus, the Wind Ensemble and the Dance Ensemble. Highlights include: "Dance of the Prince & Sugar-Plum Fairy" from the Nutcracker, the traditional French carol "Patapan," "Silent Night," and more.
St. Thomas Christmas: All is Well 2013

St. Thomas Christmas: All is Well 2013

Thursday, December 25 at 9:00pm on Channel 12.1
This special features vocal and instrumental ensembles from the University of St. Thomas performing seasonal favorites, including well-loved carols such as "All Is Well," "Ave Maria," "Bethlehem Down" and "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen," as well as innovative contemporary selections.

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