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Program Highlights

AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange

AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange "That's My Face"

Tonight at 7:00pm on Channel 12.1
Epic in scope, this film offers a groundbreaking perspective on the search for a mythic African motherland. Crossing three continents and three generations, documentarian Thomas Allen Harris chronicles his own struggles with cultural identity as he journeys to Salvador Da Bahia, the African heart and soul of Brazil, on a quest to find his spiritual ancestors.
Cosplay! Crafting a Secret Identity

Cosplay! Crafting a Secret Identity

Tonight at 9:00pm on Channel 12.1
Cosplay – a contraction of "costume play"– involves participants dressing like characters from comic books, science fiction, video games, anime or other works of fiction. This program ventures into the workshops and lives of people who elevate fantasy costuming to the professional level.


Wednesday, September 3 at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
FRONTLINE follows three young girls growing up amidst their families’ struggles against financial ruin. With one in five American children living below the poverty line, “Poor Kids” is an unflinching and revealing exploration of what poverty means to children – and to the country’s future.
Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

Wednesday, September 3 at 9:00pm on Channel 12.1
Are you and your family on the wrong side of a bet? That is the question asked by author Jeffrey M. Smith in this compelling documentary that not only explains the politics behind the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), but also explores the risks and the reasons why the public should be concerned about them being in our food supply.
Globe Trekker

Globe Trekker "Around The World — Pacific Journeys: Tonga to New Caledonia"

Thursday, September 4 at 7:00pm on Channel 12.1
Zay's island-hopping escapades take him to the Kingdom of Tonga and then on to multi-cultural Fiji, once home to cannibals and Indian plantation workers brought to the islands to harvest sugar cane. Zay ends his journey at the Tibijao Cultural Center in New Caledonia.

NOVA "Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Life Explodes"

Thursday, September 4 at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
How did life storm the beaches and dominate planet Earth? Ancient Australian fossils offer clues. Host Richard Smith introduces Earth’s forgotten pioneers: the scuttling arthropod armies that invaded the shores and the waves of green revolutionaries whose battle for the light pushed plant life across the face of a barren continent.
After Words

After Words

Thursday, September 4 at 9:00pm on Channel 12.1
AFTER WORDS movingly illuminates the struggle of individuals with aphasia – an acquired communication disorder – as well as the challenges faced by family, friends, and health care providers. Often the result of stroke, traumatic brain injury, or neurological disease, aphasia affects an individual's ability to speak.

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