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Program Highlights

Dropping Back In

Dropping Back In "Second Chances"

Tonight at 7:00pm on Channel 12.1
This program introduces the scope and huge personal and societal costs of adults not having a high school diploma or equivalency. Two former dropouts, Kellie Blair Hardt, homeless as a child, now an award-winning teacher, and Hasan Davis, former commissioner of juvenile justice for the state of Kentucky, tell their stories. Part 1 of 4.
Hunter's Raid:  Defending Hearth & Home

Hunter's Raid: Defending Hearth & Home

Tonight at 9:00pm on Channel 12.1
During the bloodiest summer of the Civil War, a northern army was ordered to devastate the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Filmed on location, this three-time Emmy Award-winning documentary tells the story of "Hunter's Raid" through the voices of the men and women who lived it.
Both Sides of the Story

Both Sides of the Story "Am. 68: Horse Track Gaming Ballot Proposal"

Wednesday, October 1 at 7:00pm on Channel 12.1
In this new CPT12 debate series, members of the East High School Debate Team face off over key ballot issues. But there is a twist – the students will switch sides mid-way through the program. Will they change your mind? Tune in to watch these young debaters knock your socks off!

FRONTLINE "Secret State of North Korea"

Wednesday, October 1 at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
FRONTLINE goes inside Kim Jong-un’s North Korea – one of the world’s most isolated countries. Using undercover footage smuggled from inside the country, and dramatic stories from recent defectors, the film offers a rare glimpse of how some North Koreans are defying authority in a country where just being caught with illegal DVDs could mean immediate imprisonment.
Globe Trekker

Globe Trekker "Pacific Islands: Fiji, Vanuatu & Solomon"

Thursday, October 2 at 7:00pm on Channel 12.1
Ian visits the Pacific Islands, once infamous among explorers because of head-hunting and cannibalism. Highlights include a Kava-drinking ceremony in Fiji; diving on the Astrolabe Reef – one of the finest dive destinations in the world; and in the Solomon Islands, diving down to the Tao Maron, the most intact of the many WWII shipwrecks around the islands.

NOVA "Why Sharks Attack"

Thursday, October 2 at 8:00pm on Channel 12.1
In recent years, an unusual spate of deadly shark attacks has gripped Australia, resulting in five deaths in 10 months. Are deadly encounters with tourists inevitable? To separate fact from fear, NOVA teams with leading shark experts to uncover the science behind the great white’s hunting instincts.
Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

Thursday, October 2 at 9:00pm on Channel 12.1
Are you and your family on the wrong side of a bet? That is the question asked by author Jeffrey M. Smith in this compelling documentary that not only explains the politics behind the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), but also explores the risks and the reasons why the public should be concerned about them being in our food supply.

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