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Wild Kratts "Desert Elves"

Wednesday, August 27 at 7:30 am on Channel 12.1
When Koki and Jimmy get stranded in the desert, Aviva and the Kratt Brothers must rely on the eyes and ears of the Elf owl to help find their friends in the harsh habitat.Science Concept: Sound - sound ... [See more]


Tuesday, August 19 at 6:30 am   on Channel  12.2
Sunday, August 31 at 10:30 am   on Channel  12.1

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Today at 7:30 am on Channel 12.1
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Viewer Comments

Wild Kratts
Posted: April 11, 2012 by Jim Patterson
Program: Wild Kratts
My 4-year old son and I watch this together at 6:30am, and we love it. It's a great program and helps get us started in the morning.

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Program Length: 30 minutes

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