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Colorado Inside Out

Colorado Inside Out

Friday, October 24 at 7:00 pm on Channel 12.1
As CPT12's flagship public affairs program, this series presents a thought-provoking and in-depth weekly analysis of Colorado current affairs by a panel of highly-informed journalists, activists and professional ... [See more]

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Colorado's child welfare system
Posted: October 13, 2014 by Rosemary Van Gorder
Program: Colorado Inside Out
Why no program on the state of Colorado's child welfare system? Why did Governor Hickenlooper cancel his Capitol steps grandstand with the state department's executive director Reggie Biccha two weeks ago? I suggest its due to planned opposition from citizens who want this Governor to address significant problems in his state department. He is asking for $10 million dollars and 600 more caseworkers - will that be the answer? We need to look closely at his solution. The Ombudsman Office failed its state audit. This Office is legislated to provide accountability for county department complaints in the state-run system. As predicted, it failed because it is under the control of CDHS. Please consider this topic for showing. I would suggest the following guests: Dr.Charles Corry, founder of Colorado's Equal Justice Foundation(EJF.org)and Dr. Richard Wexler, National Coalition for Child Protection Reform http://nccpr.info/richard-wexler.
Coats v. Dish-the state is arguing MMJ is illegal at state level
Posted: October 4, 2014 by Kathleen C Chippi
Program: Colorado Inside Out
I enjoyed you discussing Coats v. Dish Network tonight (Oct 3, 2014). I hope you continue your coverage as this ruling will effect all cannabis users (employed or unemployed and business owners) in Colorado and set precedent nationwide. A ruling on (cannabis) "rights" will also impact: occupational licensing, housing, child custody, gun rights, government aid, student loans, insurance, unemployment, freedom, qualifying for organ donation, banking etc. I have an amicus brief in Coats v. Dish Network under the Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project (PCRLP) represented by Andrew Reid of Springer and Steinberg, Denver. We have been seeking clarity on A20 in the High Court with these arguments for the last four years. We have the only brief in the mix of 8 that actively argues against federal preemption and one of two that argues in favor of fundamental constitutional rights. Two things I have not heard discussed anywhere are: 1. Michael Evans, Brandon Coats attorney, conceded to the Colorado Supreme Court that A20 does not legalize medical marijuana at a state or federal level and A20 provides no "rights" to qualifying patients or caregivers. 2 (a) The Colorado Attorney General's Office amicus in Coats argues that medical(and A64)cannabis is still illegal under state law, not just federal law. (concerning quotes from it below) (b) At the same time the state of Colorado is arguing to Judge Madden in Denver District Court that taxes and licensing fee's collected by the state from A64 and MMJ are lawful and not money laundering for an "ongoing criminal enterprise". The state and the City of Denver argued that "corporations (like themselves) were exempt from the federal CSA". Judge Madden seemed surprised and intrigued. I hope I am not the only one who finds it ironic that the state is arguing in one case that all cannabis is illegal for citizens of Colorado while arguing it is legal for the state and local government to launder 'illegal drug monies' in another. Does the state really believe voters voted "YES" on A20 and A64 intending on 'legalizing' the states money laundering in an "ongoing criminal enterprise" while keeping it illegal for friends, family and themselves? Somehow it's illegal for pot shops/employee's/related 'industry' to use banks but it's legal for the state to launder millions through JP Morgan Case? How does that work? Andrew Reid, of Springer and Steinberg, Denver writes: “Given that the State of Colorado runs an established MMJ program, including licensing and taxing, its position in its amicus brief is outrageous. Its position is that the government of Colorado and the individual governmental officials are engaged in abetting violations of federal drug laws. The Colorado Attorney General is essentially subjecting all state officials who participate in the MMJ program to federal prosecution for violations of federal felony drug laws.” Reid contends that patients will be harmed if the Court of Appeals ruling in the Coats case “that federal CSA criminalization of marijuana covers the lawful use and possession of medical marijuana under state law” is allowed to stand. Reid maintains that dozens of “occupations, occupational licenses, permits (guns included),and state benefits” will be denied to thousands of legal medical marijuana patients because “their possession and consumption of their medication” would be considered illegal. The PCRLP brief in Coats can be found at cannabislawsuits.com Concerning quotes from the AG's brief in Coats: “Contrary to popular perception, Colorado has not simply legalized marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Instead, its citizens have adopted narrowly drawn constitutional amendments that decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for patients with a debilitating medical condition, at issue in this case, or for recreational use by adults over the age of 21.” … “… invoking the language of “rights” would only lead to confusion as citizens and jurists alike may misunderstand both the nature of the right and the scrutiny associated with the right.” “The State of Colorado contends there is no reason in this case to address the question of describing the medical use of marijuana as a “right” under the state constitution. Resolving this case does not require this Court to reach the question of what type of a right, if any, protects medical marijuana patients and caregivers. As a matter of statutory interpretation the undeniable and unambiguous illegality of marijuana under federal law answers the question in this case.”… “If the Court chooses to describe the use of marijuana as a “right,” however, the Court should act with caution…. To the extent any level of review is appropriate, it should be highly deferential as to capture the spirit of the voters who enacted a specific, criminal-law focused provision. Any other result would undermine the need for the executive branch and the General Assembly to regulate and legislate in this complicated and fluid policy arena.” … “If the People want to enact a broadly applicable “right’ to use marijuana as the dissent in Beinor declared, then a new amendment to the Colorado Constitution should be required.” Considering The Attorney Generals job is to represent/defend the people of Colorado and sovereignty, one has to wonder: 1. How many “citizens and jurists” believe the state needs “a new amendment to the Colorado Constitution” in order to (really) legalize medical marijuana? 2. How many agree that the Colorado Supreme Court “invoking the language of “rights” would only lead to confusion” for “citizens and jurists”? 3. How many agree “…there is no reason in this case to address the question of describing the medical use of marijuana as a “right” under the state constitution.” 4. How many agree the AG should be arguing for federal laws over the state constitution? 5. Does the AG support the arrest of Governor Hickenlooper, the Board of Health, the General Assembly, the DoR and other local government employees? 6. How many Coloradans feel like they are being represented and/or defended by the AG? 7. And food for thought: Why did the AG bring A64 cannabis into their opening paragraph in this 'voluntary' brief in Coats (MMJ), submitted 30 days after the AG read all the other briefs? After I read the states arguments in Coats (something voters have had to wait 14 years to hear) I was thrilled to be included as a plaintiff in Denver District Court represented by Robert Corry: NO OVER TAXATION, a Registered Colorado Issue Committee; LARISA BOLIVAR, an individual; MIGUEL LOPEZ, an individual; WILLIAM CHENGELIS, an individual; KATHLEEN CHIPPI, an individual; JOHN DOE, a pseudonym for an individual; JANE ROE ENTERPRISES, a pseudonym for a Colorado entity, Plaintiffs, v. JOHN HICKENLOOPER, in his Official Capacity as Governor of Colorado; STATE OF COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE; MICHAEL HANCOCK, in his Official Capacity as Mayor of Denver, Colorado; DENVER TREASURY DIVISION; Defendants. Lexisnexis has a great review of the Coats case: http://www.lexisnexis.com/legalnewsroom/workers-compensation/b/recent-cases-news-trends-developments/archive/2014/07/24/waiting-to-exhale-employee-firing-for-off-duty-medical-marijuana-use.aspx
Denver Union Station celebration
Posted: September 25, 2014 by Edie Bryan
Program: Colorado Inside Out
This Saturday, September 27, the Colorado Rail Passenger Association is celebrating 25 years of advocating for more passenger train service. Come and celebrate with us 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 at the newly refurbished Denver Union Station. Come lift a glass with us, also 2 panels on where we've been and where we're going in the future. Phil Washington, ceo of RTD is featured speaker. This could be included in the "say something nice" segment, maybe by Patty Calhoun, or someone else. 25 years ago Denver Union Station was in danger of being abandoned with AMTRAK trains to go to a metal building in Brighton. The public rose up but there was no group to take up this cause. Ever since, the Colorado Rail Passenger Association, called "Colorail" has advocated Denver Union Station.

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