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France 24 News

France 24 News

Sunday, April 26 at 5:00 am on Channel 12.3
FRANCE 24 is the new international news channel from France and latest entrant into the around-the-clock international news arena. The series provides a fresh perspective on world events, driven by debate ... [See more]


Saturday, May 2 at 5:00 am   on Channel  12.3
Sunday, May 3 at 5:00 am   on Channel  12.3

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Audio Sync France24
Posted: October 13, 2014 by David Serls
Program: France 24 News
You changed the aspect ratio to 16:9 (yay!) but lost the audio sync 8-(. Much of the voice over does not require sync, but the anchors do not come over well.

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Program Length: 30 minutes
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