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Independent Lens

Saturday, August 23 at 10:00 pm on Channel 12.1


Saturday, August 30 at 10:00 pm   on Channel  12.1
Saturday, September 6 at 10:00 pm   on Channel  12.1

Viewer Comments

Independent Lens
Posted: November 11, 2013 by Janet Brown
Program: Independent Lens
We love you CPT!! The recent documentary "Don't Stop Believin' was absolutely fantastic! I've been telling everybody about it. Will you be showing it again sometime? Please let us know. Sincerely, Janet Brown
CPT12 Response:
We love our viewers! Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately, Independent Lens’ Don’t Stop Believin’ is not currently scheduled to re air on CPT12.
You may want to check out the film’s website. They list a number of on demand  streaming options.
Thank you for watching and supporting Colorado Public Television.
Colorado Public Television (CPT12) 
Posted: September 22, 2013 by CK Campbell
Program: Independent Lens
We are residents of this wonderful state of Colorado and are dis-heartened to witness the bias displayed by your programming. When a people have to be fed policies by media, it weakens the entire structure of our society. We would welcome programming showing ALL sides of policies allowing people to decide for themselves the path they take in life. We will never again give money for your programming.
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for your e-mail.  Independent Lens show different types of programs.  I’m not sure which one you saw,  but I’m sorry it was not to your liking.  Perhaps you would like some of our other programming.  We broadcast different programs with different viewpoints.  I hope you will continue to be a viewer.
Thank you for watching Colorado Public Television.
CPT-12 Staff 
Love your programming ---must continue!
Posted: September 9, 2013 by Name Withheld
Program: Independent Lens
Hello --I wanted to send a thank you for your programming. I absolutely love Independent Lens and POV. I learn something new every single weekend and feel as though you expand my knowledge base. The program on "Vic Munoz: Garbage Picking in Brazil" was fantastic. It made me come to my office job this morning with a new appreciation for the job I have. Every time I want to complain about my job, I look at a Post It note with "Pickers in Brazil" on it and I quickly remember how good I have it. You always enlighten me and expand my knowledge of the world. Don't ever get rid of these two shows! Keep up the good work and thanks for educating Denver! Maria
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for your e-mail.  We are glad you enjoyed Independent Lens and POV.  Our programs are thought provocating.  We appreciate your feedback.
Thank you for watching and supporting Colorado Public Television.
All the Best,
CPT-12 Staff 

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Program Length: 120 minutes
Category: History & Culture
Category: News & Current Affairs

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