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Music Voyager "Pueblo, CO"

Sunday, June 14 at 12:30 am on Channel 12.1
The Music Voyager team travels to Pueblo, Colorado to experience the ways in which this industrious city has promoted creative expressions to revitalize the community. Host Jacob Edgar meets Inaiah Lujan, ... [See more]

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Atlanta, GA
Sunday, June 21 at 12:30 am on Channel 12.1
Macon/Athens, GA
Sunday, June 28 at 12:30 am on Channel 12.1

Past Episodes

Sunday, May 24 at 12:30 am on Channel 12.1
Tokyo: A Feast for the Senses
Sunday, May 10 at 12:30 am on Channel 12.1

Viewer Comments

Music Voyager Rocky Mountain Journey
Posted: January 22, 2011 by Harry Tuft
Program: Music Voyager
Folks: I run a music shop in Denver. A customer mentioned this program and this episode, saying that there was a music store included in it. I did not know of the show at the time it ran, and am curious 1) if it will air again, and 2) if it's possible that you know the name of the shop which was featured. Thanks for your time. I think your programming is an important ingredient in the Rocky Mountain news and arts scene. Sincerely, Harry Tuft
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for your kind e-mail.
At this time, we do not have the episode   Music Voyager: Rocky Mountain Journey  scheduled to re-air.
I searched the internet and did not find which specific record store they visited in Denver.
Perhaps if you contacted the producers directly, they may be able to give you that information.
Music Voyager has its own website and contact info you might try.
Music Voyager is produced by Tantra . Please follow the link for contact info.
Hope this helps.
ColoradoPublic Television (CPT12)

music voyager
Posted: January 1, 2011 by Name Withheld
Program: Music Voyager
Ian Oleske, Loveland, CO - "I was wondering if could tell me the name of the African artist who was playing an Udu drum (I think, just a guess). Also had a guitarist and background singer in the scene. I missed the name..." You may have seen the program with Grammy Award winner India.Arie who shared Grammy nomination with Dobet Gnahore, from west Africa. She was playing the Udu drum. There also was a musician from Israel, there.
Entertaining show!
Posted: April 12, 2010 by Ian Oleske
Program: Music Voyager
I was flipping through channels and landed on your show. I was pleasantly surprised. I write more piano based or electronica based music, but it was great to see a show that displayed all kinds of genres! I was wondering if could tell me the name of the African artist who was playing an Udu drum (I think, just a guess). Also had a guitarist and background singer in the scene. I missed the name of the artist. I thought the song was beautiful and was interested in buying their music. Thanks, Ian, Loveland, CO.
CPT12 Response:

Dear Ian,

Thanks for your email and we are glad that you were "pleasantly surprised" by Music Voyager. I am not sure if this is the show you saw so I am taking a wild guess:

"Jamaica: Roots, Rock, Reggae"

Saturday, April 10 at 2:00 pm on Channel 12.1

In this episode, host Jacob Edgar explores the history of Jamaican music, from its African roots to the cusp of the reggae revolution. Edgar heads to the jungle for an entrancing kumina drumming session with the Akwaaba Drummers that reveals the African influences of the island’s music. Edgar and Reggae Sunsplash founder Ronnie Burke journey across the island to Negril to meet Gilzene and the Blue Light Mento Band, who play some classic Jamaican mento. Along the way, Burke and Edgar stop at the Peter Tosh Memorial for a conversation on the life and legacy of this reggae revolutionary. Back in Kingston, Edgar connects with guitar legend Ernest Ranglin for a lesson on the development of ska and rocksteady, and an all-star jam session with Sly Dunbar and other greats. The episode ends at the Strawberry Hill resort for an intimate concert with Marcia Griffiths, a member of Bob Marley’s band and a star in her own right.

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Program Length: 30 minutes
Rating:  PG
Category: Arts & Entertainment
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