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Colorado Inside Out

Colorado Inside Out

Thursday, April 24 at 10:00 am on Channel 12.2
As KBDI's flagship public affairs program, this series presents a thought-provoking and in-depth weekly analysis of Colorado current affairs by a panel of highly-informed journalists, activists and professional ... [See more]

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Colorado Inside Out
Friday, April 25 at 8:00 pm on Channel 12.1
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Friday, May 2 at 8:00 pm on Channel 12.1

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Colorado Inside Out
Thursday, April 17 at 10:00 am on Channel 12.2
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Viewer Comments

Brighton Drilling moratorium
Posted: April 4, 2014 by Dick Hodge
Program: Colorado Inside Out
A fine point I guess, but Brighton did not impose a fracking ban. I know it's fun to say frack on TV, but surely all you usually bright folk know better. Maybe not so smart a move, but not a fracking ban.
CPT12 Response:
Thank you very much for your note.  We always appreciate hearing from our viewers, especially when we are in error.
You are absolutely right that we should not have characterized what Brighton did last week as lifting a fracking ban.  It was indeed a drilling moratorium, and not a fracking ban, that was lifted.
The error was my fault as I was the one who wrote the topic and didn’t dig down enough into the story, ironically, to see exactly what happened.
I appreciate the fact that you let us know when we were wrong and it will help us double down our efforts to present the facts when we discuss these issues on Colorado Inside Out.
Thank you for watching and supporting Colorado Public Television.
Dominic Dezzutti
Director of Production 
Rural Electric Mandates
Posted: January 16, 2014 by Chris Hoynes
Program: Colorado Inside Out
I am upset. I just learned that Senator Harvey’s bill to undo SB13-252 was sent directly to the kill committee Wednesday and 3 Senators whose districts are not subject to the 20% mandate voted and killed SB14-35. This is the rural electric mandate, one of the primary issues upsetting rural Colorado residents. Now we know how this session will respond to rural resident concerns.
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for writing.  I have forwarded your e-mail to the producer of Colorado Inside Out.
Thanks for watching and supporting Colorado Public Television.
CPT-12 Staff 
Loss of Ken Gordon
Posted: December 25, 2013 by Robert Miner
Program: Colorado Inside Out
Ken Gordon . . . Such a tragic loss. The only thoughtful liberal on your panel. It has been bad enough listening to David's biased pontifications and the distorted views expounded by Eric, now the only rational thinking individual is gone. May Ken be remembered for his contributions to Denver and the State.
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for your email.
We are all saddened by the loss of Ken Gordon. He was a great leader, statesman and friend of the station. He will be missed.
Dominic Dezzutti has written a thoughtful  tribute to Ken on his blog at:
CPT12 Staff 

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