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Christina ""Feel Great Feast""

Saturday, March 28 at 2:30 pm on Channel 12.2
Eating well is not grim or deprived, but delicious and satisfying...if you know how to coax the flavors from each and every fresh ingredient. And when you eat whole, unprocessed, seasonal food, you feel...and ... [See more]

Past Episodes

"Lighten up...It's Only Your Health"
Saturday, March 21 at 2:30 pm on Channel 12.2
"Trick or Treat"
Saturday, March 14 at 2:30 pm on Channel 12.2

Viewer Comments

Recipes available?
Posted: January 17, 2014 by Name Withheld
Program: Christina
Hello, I was wondering if the dishes that Christina makes on her show are available in print?
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for your email.
You can find recipes from Christina at her website:
Thank you for watching and supporting Colorado Public Television.
Colorado Public Television (CPT12) 
Links for Previous Comment
Posted: May 28, 2013 by Loyal Viewer
Program: Christina
Had hoped to add these links to my previous comment to assist with my request if possible. More thanks to you all there for all you do! http://www.aptonline.org/catalog.nsf/vLinkTitle/CHRISTINA http://www.aptonline.org/catalog.nsf/vEpiDescIDNumber/29346
Thanks and Missing Episodes
Posted: May 28, 2013 by Loyal Viewer
Program: Christina
Thank you for being the only local source presenting this fine series, it is a good match for your station in every way! Particularly as you are the only source, I was hoping you would consider reinstating the three missing episodes from your otherwise complete runs of the 26 total installments in intended order, most especially the first episode, as I suspect it also acts as an introduction to the whole. The three episodes absent from either your previously aired or upcoming schedule are #1-Eating Well For Life; #16-The Sicilian Kitchen; and #23-How Sweet It Is. Here is the complete list for quick reference: 01-Eating Well for Life; 02-Time to Get Happy; 03-Cook Your Way to Health; 04-Trick or Treat; 05-Lighten Up … It's Only Your Health; 06-Feel Great Feast; 07-With Gratitude; 08-Italian Light; 09-Skip the Junk Food … Feel the Joy; 10-Wake Up and Smell the Toast!; 11-Your Holiday Survival; 12-Gut Busters; 13-Light Dishes for Life; 14-Making Over Your Life …; 15-The Big Game … Winning Recipes; 16-The Sicilian Kitchen; 17-Soy Vey; 18-Tofu, With Love; 19-Could Your Heart Attack You?; 20-The Sweetness of Life; 21-The Beat Goes On…; 22-Fat and You; 23-How Sweet It Is; 24-Sweet Seductions; 25-Ramp Up; 26-Calling All Chocoholics. Your time, attention, and consideration are appreciated, as is all that you continue to bring to our community!
CPT12 Response:
Happy to hear that you enjoy Christina.  I agree that it has been a refreshing new show that fills a gap for vegans, vegetarians, and even non-vegetarians like me who wish to eat less meat.  I wish we could air the missing three episodes but due to technical issues we did not get the feed from satellite so we don’t have them to air. 
You may already be aware that we also air some similar programs such as Jazzy Vegetarian (http://www.cpt12.org/tv_schedule/program_details.cfm?series_id=53132325) and Delicious TV’s Vegan Mashup (http://www.cpt12.org/tv_schedule/program_details.cfm?series_id=68608251).
Thanks for watching and supporting Colorado Public Television!
Pamela Petti
Programming Assistant | Colorado Public Television 

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Program Length: 30 minutes

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