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Saturday, May 2 at 12:30 am on Channel 12.1
Injunuity is a collage of reflections on the Native American world, our shared past, our turbulent present, and our undiscovered future. From Columbus to the western expansion to tribal casinos, we are ... [See more]

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Holy Cow
Posted: November 24, 2013 by John Doe
Program: Injunuity
Did I just see what I think I saw, I mean I loved it and all because it was funny as chit, I could totally see an entire show being done way better then any cartoon I have seen in a long long time this blew the Simpsons, and family guy right out of the water , but holy cow was it racist lol I'm still in shock because it was PB freaking S , I kept checking the channel to make sure in between drying my eyes from laughing so hard in a guilty I shouldnt be laughing type of way. I still don't know what it was your were trying to accomplish but I was entertained highly entertained.
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for your email. Glad you were entertained.
For more information on Injunuity, please click on the links below:
All the Best,
CPT12 Staff 

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Program Length: 29 minutes
Rating:  G

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