Caring. Welcome here.


Welcome, April… you lead into the month with April Fool’s Day, but this year, many of us hope to put foolishness behind us in favor of coming together to navigate continued choppy waters. Governor Polis has announced that as of April 2nd, all people over the age of 16 are eligible for the COVID vaccine. This is great news, assuming that you can actually get an appointment.

March brought another mass shooting tragedy, this time in Boulder. Again, more innocent lives lost to an unbalanced individual with an automatic weapon built solely for mass destruction. There were heroes that day who risked their own safety to protect others; yes, an encouraging illustration of humanity, but we still haven’t stood firm on demanding legislation against ownership of rapid-fire weapons. We have work to do, friends.

This month, as weather turns to sunnier days and drier hiking trails, more of us plan to head outside to enjoy the incredible nature and scenery of Colorado. Enjoyment of our state’s beauty and wildlife is chief among reasons why people move to Colorado and choose to stay here. Last year, I was dismayed to see so many beautiful hiking paths – within and outside of city limits – with litter and other garbage left by the careless. It’s time to seriously turn our ears toward the scientists who are making strides in reclamation and advise us on how each individual can make a positive difference to our nature and our wildlife.

At PBS12, we do our best to provide programming that encourages all of us to be our best selves through life-long learning, and equally important, how to employ critical thinking by listening to other perspectives and respecting one another. For the month of April, we offer the following for your consideration as you plan your best path forward:

In honor and memory of those impacted by COVID:
April 15 at 7pm: Hippocrates Café: Reflections on the Pandemic – This program features a collection of performances by artists who examine the impact of COVID-19 through music, art, animation, photography, story, poetry, and dance. A must-see documentary that examines the various ways individuals have processed the trauma associated with the pandemic. How are you processing your own experience?

For our Civic Activists:
April 18 at 8pm: UnRepresented – This documentary reveals the driving forces behind the cycle of corruption in Congress; specifically, how special interests bankroll political campaigns and relentlessly lobby to rig the system in their favor, all within the law. Leaders and activists are working to restore a government that serves the people; if you do not agree with legislation, engage locally to help change it!

For our environmentalists:
Wednesdays, starting April 14 at 8pm: – Tune in for a 7-week run of environmental specials including the documentary, The West is Burning, airing the day before Earth Day on April 21. Learn how forest management policies and litigation has contributed to catastrophic fires. This film also introduces new approaches to forest restoration and how to better steward the land.

For all of us:
Wednesdays at 7pm: – New episodes of The Carol Burnett Show series. Because we all need to know that it’s still okay to laugh, and no one does it better than Carol Burnett.

The availability of vaccines for all is helping us to get back on track with the social aspects of our lives. I hope we can also take a moment to reflect on the fact that the pandemic has helped us see matters through a new lens. Join us as we work to raise awareness and positive intentions on making our world better.

Best regards,

Kim Johnson
President & General Manager