Nerd Love


Welcome to February, the designated month in which we proclaim our love for family and friends! And this month at Colorado Public Television, we are going to shine some love on the PBS Nerd.

No longer relegated to being social outcasts, Nerds are now changing the world, and we owe them our love and gratitude.

Just like the 80’s movie, Revenge of the Nerds, those who are confident enough to chart their own path rather than travel the easier, well-worn generic highway endorsed by the masses, Nerds have long imagined something better. Then they build it. And they manage to accomplish something greater without diminishing others or causing harm and mayhem. Mr. Rogers would have loved all Nerds, but l think he’d have a special place in his heart for today’s Nerd.

Today’s Nerd is thinking as much about what can benefit the common good as much as what can benefit his or her own bank account. Music Nerds are creating the soundtrack of our time, construction Nerds build our homes, nature Nerds care-take our wildlife and environment, and science Nerds study, explore and invent incredible advancements that save lives and build better communities.

In my best moments, I am a Nerd. And at Colorado Public Television, we hope you are too! Let’s be our best selves and never stop learning, discovering, creating and caring.

Yesterday we launched our PBS Nerd campaign with a special offer that helps you show off your inner Nerd love. With a sustaining membership of just $5/month, you’ll get an awesome PBS Nerd t-shirt to wear with pride. Go to to learn more.

Kim Johnson
President & General Manager

P.S. By way of introduction, I’m Kim Johnson, President and General Manager of Colorado Public Television. Each month I’ll be sharing news, information and thoughts right here. I’d love to hear what you think.