Going Big. Welcome here.


Welcome, January and welcome new decade! We greet 2020 with hope, optimism and renewed spirits as we navigate a new chapter here at home and abroad.

Just as 2020 defines great vision, it can also define one of our best years yet if we can get our act together. The “together” part is key, especially coming out of a rather divisive decade. Instead of the standard (and tired) New Years’ resolutions, let’s go bigger. Way bigger.

Rather than committing to a “healthier me” let’s resolve to create a “healthier us.” Turning our cell phone cameras away from the selfie frame to the outward frame, we can get a better view of what we need to do that will help all boats rise, not just our own. In 2020, we have a lot of opportunity to get it right, or at least, make things better, by leveraging the collective intelligence that results from bringing different life experiences and perspectives to the table. Whether it is scientific exploration, medical advancements or the creation of legislation, we’ve yet to learn anything from someone who thinks and believes exactly as we do, and evolution of thought cannot occur without outside influence of some sort.

Fortunately, this year’s election season provides all of us with a months-long opportunity to behave and react to others differently, especially if we listen more and shout less. Colorado is home to great thinkers, innovators and philanthropists; they live and thrive in every neighborhood and there is no common DNA or political denominator. And, a growing number of Coloradans are voting in a manner that places priority on common good over proposed legislation or candidates solely for the purpose of securing advantage over our neighbors. These influencers of positive change give me hope.

The media has a responsibility to support better conversation around issues of importance by keeping an open seat at the table for opposing perspectives while providing responsible stewardship over the tone of communications. You, our members and viewers, have supported Colorado Public Television for 40 years now. You’ve given financial resources and equally important, your opinion about our programming – what you like, don’t like, can’t find or to inquire about future content plans. You do this service knowing that public television is critically important to all young children, regardless of a parent’s ability to support us financially.

You help continue the facilitation of respectful and inclusive conversation through thoughtful and trusted programming and have helped us to expand our programming to sources well beyond our own borders. You are in this together with us, and you make me optimistic about a better future, starting with 2020.

It’s a new year, a new decade, and working together, we have good reason to greet 2020 with great hope and optimism! Let’s get started.

Best regards,

Kim Johnson
President & General Manager