Streaming. Bingeing. Loving CPT12 Passport. Welcome Here.


We invite you to March into a world of travel, drama, cooking, news and more – available now to you, our valued members, through our recently-launched CPT12 Passport!

Beginning this month, we now provide an extended library of PBS and CPT12 content with a whole new way of watching the best of what PBS and CPT12 has to offer… marching to the new rhythm of how we all as individuals have been watching our favorite programs more recently – by bingeing on documentaries and program episodes in places and at times that are most convenient to us.

CPT12 Passport heralds a new era for us and for you! Our viewers are the center point for our content service; you define the scope of our content, guide the broadcast schedule for kids, young adults and seasoned adults, and you hold us to our mission of delivering quality content, produced with creativity and integrity. We are proud to be close to celebrating 40 years of providing inspiring, thought-provoking content to Colorado viewers, and we are humbled by your continued support of our mission.

It is your support that drives us to continue to reach higher and deeper to ensure that you can continue to count on us to be your go-to station, whether you prefer watching programs on your television set or on your digital and mobile devices. And thanks to your support, we bring you something so much bigger – all of the PBS programs that you love to watch, regardless of where the current program episode falls in our broadcast schedule.

Are you embarrassed at the office water cooler because you missed season 3 of Downton Abbey and just couldn’t catch up? Here’s your chance to binge the entire series, start to finish! Do you need to find that special episode of NOVA on our changing coral reefs for a school project? Look no further than CPT12 Passport!

If you are a qualifying member of CPT12, you have an activation code waiting for you. Just follow the link that was emailed to you (or look it up here), and in just a couple of minutes, you and your favorite program device or screen will have the world at your fingertips. And remember, CPT12 and the PBS teams are here to help you access your CPT12 Passport if you hit any snags. You can call use our web form or call 303-296-1212 to check on your membership status; or you can visit PBS Support or call 1-844-585-00234 for any technical questions.

And don’t forget, if you have a friend, family member or neighbor that relies on PBS to bring them the best and widest scope of programming about our world, please let them know about CPT12 Passport! Together, we’ll continue to grow.

Kim Johnson
President & General Manager

P.S. In March we spend time reaching out to people who might be interested in our special programming. Be sure to check it out!