Together We Are Stronger


Everything we do at Colorado Public Television (CPT12) is driven by some pretty rock-solid core values. One of them is that the community is stronger when we stand together. That’s why we shifted our thinking on local partnerships toward a focus on the common good, not just what might be good for CPT12.

The decades that brought us the “winning through intimidation” and “crush the competition” mantras encouraged a winner-take-all environment of greed and selfish-centeredness that permeates our lives and our airways. Working together simply for the common good or for those who need us the most, is considered a weak business position. To that, we say no way!

We stand in opposition to this kind of thinking and we believe that every one of us can be a part of the solution by raising each other up so that together, we all benefit.

One way we try to walk the talk is through our community partnerships. We seek out ways to enhance the impact and reach for organizations that are trying to make the world – and specifically Colorado – a better place. You’ll find one such partnership, with the Colorado Environmental Film Festival (CEFF), in action this month.

In honor of the April 22 Earth Day celebration, we’re co-hosting an Earth Day mini film festival with the Alamo Drafthouse-Denver and the CEFF. Together we are showcasing the work of independent filmmakers along with a panel of experts to talk about the challenges facing our planet and what all of us can do to make a positive difference. Tickets and information about this event are here.

As a small, independent PBS station, CPT12 really looks to grassroots programming, partners and collaborations as a way to expand our own understanding of what’s happening in Colorado communities. Our partnership with Adoption Options enables us to connect with and promote the well-being of children; our support of Freedom Service Dogs brought us closer to the work they are doing to provide (at no cost) rescue dogs to veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); and we continue to be inspired by our partnership with the Jewish Film Festival as we gain greater understanding of those who are singled out for hate, no matter their differences.

And together with you, our viewers and members, we can all raise our voices against greed, intolerance, and blind-sidedness toward those with different life experiences and perspectives. Those are the very people we stand to learn the most from and want to thrive in our communities.

What are your core values and how do you think they can best support a great community for all? We really want to know. Your feedback and opinions are always welcome here.

Kim Johnson
President & General Manager