Shedding light. Welcome here.


The holiday season always brings a sense of nostalgia for the memories we hold most dear and for the connections we’ve built with each other through our traditions and celebrations. It is the time of year when we try to be our best selves and hold good will toward our fellow man. And as this complicated year comes to a close, we embrace this season of light, generosity and hope as antidotes to the divisiveness that can sometimes prevail.

Colorado Public Television is looking back at our programming choices during this year to see if we measured up to our own standards of providing a public media service that is grounded in authenticity, integrity, inclusion and relevance. We have heard from you about what is most important to your families; you help shape our content and our business ideals through the connection we’ve built with you, and, we want to be the kind of extended family that is always invited back to your living rooms (or on the go for you mobile users)!

Always, but particularly for this month, we aspire to be a calm respite from the commercial madness that comes with the month of December, and through our open-minded and thoughtful content, we aspire to shed light – not heat – on the complex issues we face today. By now, we hope you’ve discovered our CPT12 Passport service on our website, as every member now has online access to your favorite PBS programs as well as the local content you’ve helped to make possible.

And we’d like to remind you that you are always welcome in our “home” here at Colorado Public Television by contacting us with your opinions and feedback; we respect your input and we count on it, every year. We want to continue our work together in making a positive impact through public media, content that respects your intelligence and respects your life perspectives.

If this year has been good to you, we hope that you will consider making a gift to Colorado Public Television on Tuesday, December 10th, Colorado Gives Day. Your contributions open windows to the world for all Coloradans, regardless of their financial circumstances. You create a lifeline for parents who seek a safe haven for their kids, you build a stage for those who have been marginalized, and you build greater tolerance through programming that seeks to inform rather than inflame.

Regardless of your ability to provide us with support at this time, we hope you remember that you are still an important member of our family and we welcome you into our content discussions all year. You inspire us with your stories and your insights, and in doing so, the entire community benefits.

On behalf of my colleagues and our board of directors, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!


Kim Johnson
President & General Manager