Exciting changes. Welcome here.


Welcome local neighbors and global viewers, to our new name, PBS12! We have rebranded ourselves from Colorado Public Television (and CPT12) to reflect our new approach to PBS, local and international content. Although we’ve changed our name, we are not changing our commitment to staying aligned with the interests of our expanding and dynamic viewers. In short, we promise to be PBS in a whole new way!

What’s New:

On March 1, we launched our new international service, DW (Deutsche Welle), a highly regarded European source of international news and global documentaries. DW now broadcasts 24/7 on channel 12.3 and channel 252 on cable. But that’s not all – we also feature the full DW stream on our website, PBS12.org, for our desktop and mobile viewers. And there’s more! Starting on March 16th, we will bring DW international news to the 10 p.m. time slot on channel 12.1, giving our viewers an opportunity to hear global journalists help us navigate the challenges and opportunities of 2020.

Later this summer, we plan to have new international dramas, and even more international content, all to be found on our primary channel, 12.1! This inclusion of more international programming is the result of feedback we received from you, our viewers, so please continue to let us know how to best serve your programming interests.

What will not change:

Deeply rooted in independence, diversity and inclusion, you can still count on us to provide a broad offering of perspectives on the election season and other matters of consequence to critical thinkers and the open-minded.

We will still bring PBS’ trusted children’s programming into your homes every weekday morning, just as we have for the past 40 years. You’ll still find our weekly public affairs program, Colorado Inside Out (CIO), celebrating over 25 years of solid, local journalism and analysis. For viewers that turn to us for the best in independent music that is homegrown right here in Colorado, Sounds on 29th will mark its 9th year of production this year!

We look to the 2020 election year as an opportunity to help set a better approach to respectful political debate and conversation. PBS12 will never use our social media for negative rhetoric or unproductive, divisive tactics. And even though public television has been granted permission to accept political ads, PBS12 continues to refuse to accept campaign ads – and the revenue they provide to broadcasters. Why? Because we remain committed to providing debate content, both on air and online, free of any commercial influence or political interest.

If these are media values that you’d like to support, please contact us to learn more about how you can join the PBS12 family and help us continue to provide public media that matters and moves you!


Kim Johnson
President & General Manager