Global citizens. Welcome here.


Welcome, February – the month we celebrate the people that we love and eat more chocolate than we should. Here at Colorado Public Television, along with chocolate, we love hearing from you, our viewers, and based on what you’re telling us, you really love our international programming. We have some great news for you!

We have proudly devoted two of our four channels to international content – MHz World, and NHK World from Japan (now available high-definition). Both channels offer some of the best in international news, documentaries and dramas. Although MHz will be discontinuing their service to broadcasters effective February 29th, we have found another international program stream that we can bring to you, 24/7: DW (Deutsche Welle). As Germany’s international broadcaster, DW conveys a comprehensive image of Germany, reports events, and incorporates German and other international perspectives in a journalistically-independent manner.

And starting in March, we will be bringing more international news to our viewers watching our primary channel, 12.1. Be sure to check our schedule page for new additions. In 2020, we believe that it is more important than ever to listen to viewpoints that differ from our own. With the complexities of navigating global matters, we need all voices at the table to chart the best course for all.

CPT12 has a long history of welcoming diversity of thought and life experiences into our programming; we will always incorporate those commitments in what we produce locally, and we will stay vigilant to ensure that the programs we acquire from around the globe also align with those values.

As we pull more international programming into our program schedules, please let us know what programs are most relevant to you. Your opinion is always welcome here, and we love hearing from you!

Thanks for watching and ahem, please pass the chocolate!

Kim Johnson
President & General Manager