Flowers. Color. Delight. Welcome Here. Welcome Here.


April showers bring May flowers. Or so say the garden shops that beckon us to come dig into the flowers, plants and vegetables in order to put that special, foliage thumb print around our own dwellings. Regardless of our gardening skills, it’s impossible not to get enthusiastic about the idea of nurturing living things that will wrap our homes in glorious color and intrigue.

The variety and diversity of what constitutes beauty and reminds me of a story that articulates our perspective on programming.

We have next door neighbors who needed to cut down a large, overgrown cottonwood tree in their front yard. Left with a huge, wide, stump about five feet wide, they carved out a gnome home, made a roof and a waterfall, then placed a variety of gnomes enjoying a variety of seasonal activities that change with the season and the whim of our neighbors. Although initially a point of concern for my husband, I have always loved the gnome home. It is the delight of the grandchildren that visit them often, an expression of their humor, and it created a very unique feature from a mostly dead tree. Walking by, you know that there is personality, creativity and joy living behind their front door.

I think about my neighbors when we plant our broadcast and digital gardens at CPT12. One of the unique aspects about how we program is that unlike 99% of broadcasters, we do not have A programmer – we have a team of 27 dedicated creatives that provide feedback as well as guidance to every new programming direction we take. We collaborate to provide that shock of color where it is least expected, we want to celebrate all the diversity that comes together to make a fascinating story. Sometimes, we get calls wanting to know why on earth we’d put a “gnome” in our program garden – sometimes, people just don’t get the allure. Some don’t like the dandelions while others tell us the dandelions inspired them to make special teas and salads – both literally and figuratively – and want more.

As we plan each month’s program schedule, we see it a bit like gardening. Our goal is to delight your hunger for learning and exploration. We seek to provide our unique take on the best of PBS programming, independent shows and our locally cultivated productions.

In the end, it’s you, our viewers, who are the special feature in our programming garden – you help us to design the pathways, the color and the variety. It’s planting season. Tell us what you want to help grow!