The 11th Hour Address with Pete Seeger To be Broadcast on Colorado Public Television

“I wonder, sometimes, if tribalism is not hard-wired into our genetic makeup, along with such qualities as the desire to speak. It’s a pessimistic possibility and I hope not, because if it is, I hope our intelligence is powerful enough to over-ride it…to allow us to see beyond the needs and fears of our own egos, and our own tribes, and to look into a world that we all share.”   ~ Pete Seeger

In facing your own mortality, what final message would you leave for future generations?
January 29, 2014 (Denver, CO) – Distinguished individuals from around the world, including Pete Seeger, have been invited to contribute their living testaments – as they would like to be remembered when delivering their lasting message to the world. To commemorate Seeger’s recent death, Colorado Public Television 12 is pleased to announce the special broadcast release of the half-hour program, THE 11TH HOUR: PETE SEEGER on Friday, January 31 at 9:30pm on CPT12.

Throughout his life, Pete Seeger displayed his talent for bringing people together through music. In his early days he traveled this country playing union halls and migrant farm worker camps with Woody Guthrie. In the 50’s, with the group The Weavers, he helped popularize folk and topical songs on a national scale, before being blacklisted from commercial work. In the 60’s, he sang for the civil rights movement, against the war in Vietnam, and for ecological and environmental causes. He continued his involvement by singing for the anti-nuclear movement, world peace, and jobs for all people in the hope of creating a better world.

In this lasting testament – which is complemented by music and song – Pete Seeger reinforces his environmental ethic as he encourages us to persevere in our efforts to improve the world.

THE 11TH HOUR series is dedicated to the living human spirit of all ages and backgrounds. Individuals have been invited to participate because of their contribution to the historical record of our times, for their distinguished achievement in their chosen fields, and for their ability to articulate and communicate the values that have defined their lives. By graciously agreeing to appear, each individual directly confronts their own mortality, knowing their final message will serve as a valuable contribution to the present and as a legacy for future generations.

THE 11TH HOUR was created by producer Samuel A. Safarian and is co-produced by CPT12 (PBS affiliate) and Denver Center Media, a division of The Denver Center for the Performing Arts.