Colorado Public Television to Premiere Do Something Awesome and I Am the Difference Maker as part of Dedicated American Graduate Education Night Lineup

Local films capture the passion and power of young people in pursuit of their dreams.

Denver (October 29, 2015) – Colorado Public Television (CPT12, Channel 12 PBS) will debut Do Something Awesome, a documentary by Denver School of the Arts (DSA) students, beginning at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, November 4, and immediately followed by five short DSA student films that round out the hour. The program is part of CPT12’s regularly-scheduled education night programming that also includes I am the Difference Maker, Dropping Back In, and Our Time is Now.

Do Something Awesome (7 p.m. – 60 minutes) was written and directed by DSA high school students and was produced by DSA Visual Cinema Arts teacher Amy McGrath and guest artist Mitch Dickman. The film follows current and prospective DSA students as they follow their dreams in the arts, student life and the passion for the arts found at this Denver Public Schools middle- and high school. Supported by the Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media and the DSA Friends Foundation, the 30-minute film will be followed by five DSA student films produced as part of their enrollment in the Video Cinema Arts department. Music for the film was contributed by 2008 DSA graduate, Jon Shockness (aka Kid Astronaut).

“It’s our goal to be the place in Colorado where the community can access consistent, quality programming that highlights what is happening in education,” posits Dominic Dezzutti, V.P. of Content for Colorado Public Television. “Through our American Graduate initiative, we’re on track to raise awareness and catalyze action around Colorado’s dropout crisis by sharing stories that not only create understanding but touch people’s hearts. This lineup is sure to accomplish both.”

I Am The Difference Maker (8 p.m. – 19 minutes) is a local film about Westminster, Colorado student Kylan Bain, who at 9 years old started “The Difference Maker” movement with a desire to change the world. This inspiring short film documents Kylan’s desire is to show others that no matter their age or income, individuals can make a difference to someone whether in their neighborhood, in their school, or around the world. This film will be followed by two of CPT12’s American Graduate stories: Caring, Consistent Adults/Youth on Record and Karen’s Story.

Dropping Back In: Building a Better Life (8:30 p.m. – 30 minutes) documents the gap between skilled job openings and qualified workers, and the solutions around the U.S. that are closing the chasm with apprenticeship and training programs. From shipbuilding and culinary training to high-end leather goods sewing, creative solutions are being forged to solve business problems and provide marketable skills to young people.

Our Time is Now (9 p.m. – 60 minutes) shares the struggles that children in rural New Mexico – where even dial-up Internet access is a dream – face on the road to high school graduation. Each young person knows they need a diploma to succeed but the hurdles they face go well beyond talent, desire, good grades and school attendance. These kids face issues like poverty, transportation, Internet access, fractured families, language barriers, grown-up responsibilities and low expectations.

The education line up is part of CPT12’s American Graduate initiative, a multi-year and multi-media effort to build awareness of Colorado’s dropout crisis and engage citizens across the state to be a part of the solution.  Join the conversation on Twitter with #AmGradCPT12 and #Education.