CPT12 Premiering new Magazine-Style Series, STREET LEVEL

15 Episodes will feature three hosts in 5-episode “micro seasons”

Denver, CO – On May 19 at 8 p.m., Colorado Public Television (CPT12) will premiere a new locally-focused magazine series, Street Level, that features individual streets and neighborhoods in Colorado, highlighting their unique history, stories, businesses, vibe and cultural context.

The full season will include 15 Episodes throughout the calendar year that are released in targeted “micro-seasons” of 5-episode runs. Each 5-episode micro season will have a different host; the first 3 micro seasons will feature: Orion Carrington (first five episodes), Eden Lane & Andrew Novick.

“Each neighborhood throughout the entire state of Colorado has a rich history and if you take an even closer look at the fabric of the streets themselves, they each boast a unique and textured story of their own,” said Heather Dalton, Executive Producer for the new CPT12 original production. “The magazine show will showcase individual streets and cross streets with a narrative that celebrates the communities we all live in at the street level.”

Gabrielle Bryant is another executive producer for Street Level. Heather Dalton also serves as assignment editor. Staff producers are Gabrielle Bryant and Szymon Kubica.

CPT12 has partnered with local production talent including Joshua Hassel; the Denver Film Company (Andra Dohrn & Gabriel Dohrn); Daniel Crosier & Ryan Policky; Eden Lane; and Chris Bagley.


Episode 1 – South Broadway – Host: Orion Carrington
Since this thriving corridor came to being in 1864 it has been a primary artery for the city of Denver and was named by developer Henry C. Brown after the infamous Broadway in New York City. Known not only for the world famous Antique Row, Broadway is also home to an eclectic mix of live music venues, galleries, and bookstores and is widely known as an artistic epicenter for the Mile High City. From SoBo to LoBo we take a look at a few things that make Broadway unique!

South Broadway Locations:


Episode 2 – Larimer Street – Host: Orion Carrington
One of Colorado’s most notorious stretches; Larimer is not only the oldest street in Denver, it is the birthplace of the city itself. Once home to the finest hotels and wealthiest institutions in the west, at the dawn of the great depression Larimer’s glory had faded and had become a skid row, infamous for pool halls, flop houses and bawdy taverns that attracted a nefarious clientele. Today Larimer is a beacon of the urban renaissance and we explore how the street is constantly evolving.

Larimer Street Locations:

  • Green Spaces, 1368 26th St Just off the corner of 26th and Larimer (Community). Produced by Gabrielle Bryant & Szymon Kubica.
  • Trillium, 2134 Larimer (Food & Drink). Produced by Joshua Hassel & David Schleer.
  • Denver Chalk Arts Festival, Larimer Square (Arts). Produced by Eden Lane.


Episode 3 – Tennyson Street – Host: Orion Carrington
Tennyson Street is part of Denver’s Highlands neighborhood and has been a destination for Italian and later, Hispanic immigrants! Join us as we head to visit the Tennyson Street Cultural District, home to several art galleries, boutiques, live music venues and great restaurants with an international vibe!

Tennyson Street Locations:


Episode 4 – 15th Street Near Platte – Host: Orion Carrington
Once considered the stomping ground for iconic figures Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac, Central Platte Valley has come a long way. While the cool kids of the 1950’s Beat Generation once populated the area, it later became somewhat forgotten until recent developments transformed the neighborhood surrounding 15th and Platte. From breweries, to quaint teashops and clothing boutiques there is no shortage of things to get into.

15th Street Near Platte Locations:


Episode 5: Washington Avenue in Golden
Washington Avenue, known around the world for its historic “Howdy Folks” arch, is highlighted by the scenic beauty of Clear Creek. We take a look at the heart of Downtown Golden. Just 20 minutes outside of Denver, Golden’s version of “Main Street” boasts historical restaurants and bars, a plethora of museums, hotels and of course, the walkability factor.

Washington Avenue Locations: