Your Decision 2022, Special Statewide Colorado Election Series to Air on PBS12

Denver — Kristen Blessman, President and General Manager of PBS12, announced the station’s partnership with The Aaron Harber Show™ ( to produce a series of nonpartisan television programs highlighting key races and statewide ballot issues on the November 8th Colorado General Election Ballot Aaron Harber: Your Decision 2022.

Blessman explained, “As a service to the community, given the extraordinary times we are in today, PBS12 is planning to broadcast an exclusive set of 15 nonpartisan election-related programs hosted by Aaron Harber, who is known to our community for his in-depth knowledge of public affairs and is recognized for his skills and impartiality as well as his ability to fairly moderate discussions and debates.”

Blessman continued, “Our goal is to cover some of the most important candidate races and key statewide ballot issues so PBS12 will be a reliable source of firsthand and accurate information for all Colorado citizens.”

The series will include 15 half-hour programs with the first broadcasts beginning on Sunday, October 16th, at 2:30 pm through 4:30 pm, and continuing in Primetime on Mondays through Thursdays from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm, and on Fridays from 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

The entire election series will continue through Sunday, November 6th, two days before the General Election.

Blessman noted, “Additionally, PBS12 will put all of the programs online so voters can view them at their convenience 24/7.” To make the programs even more accessible, a podcast version also is planned.

“I’m excited to have this opportunity with PBS12,” Harber exclaimed. “I know people across the political spectrum are looking for an accurate and fair discussion of the major issues facing our State and nation during a time when few media sources are trusted so I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in PBS12’s effort to provide voters with the information they want and need.”

He concluded, “Having PBS12 be the singular television station presenting this opportunity to Coloradans is emblematic of the new leadership at PBS12 and exemplifies Kristen’s focus on having the Station make an extra effort to meet the needs of all our communities across the State.”

Harber, who began his broadcast journalism career on radio, started his television career on Channel 12 after defeating a $20 million lawsuit filed against him by Rush Limbaugh.

He went onto to commercial platforms in Colorado and other States (including across America on Mark Cuban’s AXS-TV).

Since 2000, Harber has moderated bipartisan election debates and discussions every two years and previously has provided political analysis for Denver Television Stations 2 (CW), 4 (CBS), 7 (ABC), and 31 (FOX).

He has been recognized nationally for his work and was the winner of the “Broadcaster of the Year” award from the Colorado Broadcasters Association (

The first four programs to be broadcast will focus on the major statewide ballot issues and will include the following:

  • Proposition FF: School Meals for All
  • Proposition 121: Reduction in the State Income Tax Rate
  • Proposition 123: Dedicated Income Tax Revenue for Affordable Housing
  • Propositions 124, 125, and 126: Expanding the sale of alcoholic beverages

“The additional programs will include candidates for Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, the Congress, and the Senate.