Gary Fultz


Content Management Operator

what I do at PBS12

My name is Gary, I like long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners… Oh, wait, wrong bio.

Lets try this again. My name is Gary, and I work in the Technical Services department of PBS12 as a Content Management Operator – what used to be called a Master Control Operator. We are the final stop in the broadcast chain before what you see on air goes on air. I started in TV when we were still using 2” reels of videotape for on air playback regularly and switching all programing manually. It’s all files and downloads and HD video now, but at its heart TV is still the same as when it started a whole bunch of years ago. A bunch of people that do all these various things to make programing that is fed into a tall metal stick with a bunch of power behind it, usually high up on a mountain somewhere and beamed out to your home on the airwaves. Still, after all these years it still kind of seems like magic to me.

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