Julie Crook


Website Manager

about Julie

I was born and raised in Utah, and grew up loving anything to do with water sports, camping, and trampolines. After graduating in English from the University of Utah, I moved to Denver where I have worked for Channel 12 since 1990. A telecommuting trailblazer, I have worked remotely since 1996, doing my job long-distance from Ontario, Miami and now Orlando.

what Julie does at CPT12

I manage all things website – writing content, creating images, designing the user experience, collaborating with the coders (the amazing team at Frontera Interactive), and working with each department in the station to promote their projects online.

random things about Julie

  • I have recently taken up sweep rowing and hope to compete with seven other women (once we master the elusive art of rowing all at the same time).
  • The most recent place I visited was Turkey (which was amazing).
  • I am a compulsive reader, although I have recently become obsessed with audiobooks.
  • My favorite spot on earth is Jackson Lake in the Tetons.
  • I love to plan and plant gardens, but maintenance is an ongoing challenge.
  • My favorite mug says “I am silently correcting your grammar.” My kids say the corrections aren’t so silent.
  • I crave chocolate all the time – especially Galaxy chocolate from the UK.
  • I’m a bit of an anglophile and am addicted to British dramas and mysteries, British history, and my British husband.

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