Dining with the Chef

Stuffed Shiitake with Teriyaki Glaze

Our theme this episode is grinding. Our main dish is stuffed shiitake mushrooms with teriyaki glaze: we'll be stuffing shiitake mushroom caps with a ground shrimp filling, then shaping them into balls. These charming stuffed mushrooms are then fried and coated with a glossy teriyaki sauce, for a delicious dish that's certain to whet the appetite. For our side dish, we'll be making suri-nagashi, a smooth Japanese-style soup, with ground kabocha squash. By adding the same dashi stock in two different...
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Thursday, October 3 at 2:30 pm on 12.1

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DINING WITH THE CHEF introduces Americans to the techniques, ingredients and harmony of Japanese cuisine. Hosted by Yu Hayami who cooks alongside master chef Tatsuo Saito, and co-host Patrick Harlan who cooks with chef Rika Yukimasa, with occasional appearances by other guest chefs, the series presents delicious Japanese dishes that can be made at home. Chef Tatsuo Saito, a prominent master of Japanese culinary arts, has served as head chef at the Japanese embassies in Paris and Washington and was an instructor in Japanese cuisine at a Swiss hotel school. He has also prepared tastings for the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. In Tokyo he operates a cooking school and is a prolific author, often appearing on television, in magazines and on the lecture circuit. In DINING WITH THE CHEF, Chef Saito takes us to the heart of Japanese cuisine by demonstrating culinary techniques, explaining ingredients, and showing how to arrange food to bring out its distinctive characteristics. Host Yu Hayami is an international singer and actress who was born in Japan and raised in Guam and Hawaii. Aside from her career and being a mother of two, she is also involved in charity work. Yu is a lover of good food, as well as a fine wine enthusiast.