Les Stroud's Beyond Survival

The Mentawai Shamans of Indonesia Part 2

Living with Mentawai for eight days, Les prepares to hunt with a bow and poison arrow. Being tattooed by a Shaman using traditional techniques allows him to prove his intention and commune with animal spirits. Forced deeper into the jungle as hunting grounds diminish, the Mentawai call on the earth to provide, believing their singing of shamanic songs attunes their souls and connects them to nature.
  • program length: 27 minutes
  • episode #120

Saturday, October 8 at 1:00 pm on 12.2

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In LES STROUD'S BEYOND SURVIVAL, the survival expert journeys around the globe to unearth the secrets of how remote Indigenous tribes have lived in the wild for thousands of years. The program offers viewers the opportunity to witness some of the most intriguing survival rites and rituals on the planet. Les also takes part in various long-established ceremonies and discovers how their respective cultures have persisted amidst globalization.