DocFilm 3

The Faces of War

Two artists explore the consequences of war with their work. In Armenia, they portray people who have suffered severe loss due to conflict. The artists also dig up abandoned houses and collect huge pieces of metal with bullet holes.

Saturday, August 20 at 1:15 pm on 12.3

additional airdates

  • Wednesday, August 17 at 7:15 pm on 12.3
  • Wednesday, August 17 at 10:15 pm on 12.3
  • Thursday, August 18 at 12:15 pm on 12.3
  • Friday, August 19 at 3:15 am on 12.3
  • Saturday, August 20 at 8:15 pm on 12.3
  • Sunday, August 21 at 9:15 am on 12.3

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