Expeditions with Patrick McMillan

Rediscovering Catesby's Carolina, Part 2

We cannot understand the present without a clear understanding of the past. Mark Catesby journeyed to the Carolinas in 1722. The descriptions included in his book, the Natural History of Carolina, Georgia and the Bahama Islands seems outlandish considering the natural communities surrounding us today. Imagine a Carolina where bison, elk and wolves roam vast grasslands, where fire, set by humans shape the land and where Native Americans are still the dominant force managing the landscape. Understanding...
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Saturday, September 21 at 4:00 am on 12.2

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Naturalist, author, educator and Emmy-winning host Dr. Patrick McMillan embarks on exotic and fascinating adventures throughout North and South America EXPEDITIONS WITH PATRICK MCMILLAN. The 13-part series overflows with compelling wildlife and wilderness footage captured in the United States and beyond. McMillian's passion and contagious enthusiasm for the natural world is evident as he journeys through gorges, immense seas of grass, deciduous forests, Arctic tundra and other ecologically rich destinations. This season, he treks through the wildlands of California, sees the remnants of a land bridge in Alaska and explores the ever-changing tapestry of the Great Plains, among many other voyages of discovery.