Healthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein

Helping People Who Are Homeless

Nearly a quarter of the nation's homeless population suffer from an untreated or under treated psychiatric condition. Leading advocates Tod Lipka CEO of Step Up, and Philip Mangano, president and CEO of the American Round Table to Abolish Homelessness and former "homeless czar" under two U.S. presidents, discuss the latest research, innovation and new strategies to make mental health services a priority in solving the larger issue of homelessness.

Monday, December 9 at 1:00 pm on 12.1

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One in five people has a diagnosable mental disorder. For many families, the fear and shame associated with a diagnosis of mental illness can lead to isolation and suffering in silence. HEALTHY MINDS the Emmy nominated, award-winning series, once again, aims to educate the public about psychiatric conditions which affect so many people. The series humanizes mental health conditions through inspiring personal stories and interviews with leading researchers and experts, who provide the latest information about diagnosis and treatment. As Dr. Borenstein explains, "Everyone is touched by psychiatric conditions, either themselves or a loved one. Our goal is to share cutting edge information from experts along with personal experiences from people who have overcome psychiatric conditions. Now, more than ever, it is important to reduce stigma and encourage people who have a psychiatric condition not to suffer in silence but to seek help. I want people to know that with help, there is hope."