Ric Edelman's Mind Over Money

Ric Edelman's Mind Over Money

In this 90 minute program, 3 time Barron's Financial Advisor of the year Ric Edelman shows viewers how their emotions can sabotage their financial security. Edelman vividly displays the behavioral biases that are hard wired into each of us that prevent us from having financial success. Edelman conveys his knowledge of behavioral economics based on proven academic research and his own experience managing over $21 billion in assets for more than 30,000 clients over the past thirty years.
  • program length: 90 minutes

Friday, December 7 at 2:00 am on 12.1

additional airdates

  • Sunday, November 25 at 2:00 pm on 12.1
  • Wednesday, November 28 at 2:00 am on 12.1