Urban Conversion

Urban Conversion

Seeing the Forest through the Trees Wood, Floors/Cabinets

The Schley’s go into the forest in this episode of Urban Conversion to examine the relationship between man and trees--from eating their fruit, using them as shelter, and burning them for warmth and light--they gain a better appreciation for sustainably harvesting trees that they use in their home and on their farm. Rodman and Gina explore ways to reuse trees that were taken down on the property, specifically as they design their new kitchen, as well as planting trees in their community and on their...
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Saturday, August 31 at 12:30 pm on 12.2

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Set in Colorado, URBAN CONVERSION follows fiscally conservative, yet socially responsible, businessman Rodman Schley as he immerses himself in the sustainability movement. While Rodman enjoys living with all the modern conveniences of the city, his wife Gina wants their family to lead a more eco-friendly, environmentally conscious lifestyle. She suggests moving the family to a simple, low-impact life in a rural setting, and in the spirit of compromise, Rodman and Gina begin to seek ways to bring the country to the city and begin their own "urban conversion." Each episode of URBAN CONVERSION goes beyond the buzzwords to find out, first-hand, all about the "green scene." Over the course of the series, Rodman learns about urban agriculture, backyard beekeeping, farm-to-table eating, alternative fuels and home brewing. URBAN CONVERSION takes the Schley family to Detroit, where urban farming is helping to heal a community, and to Washington D.C., where White House chef Sam Kass provides an educational tour of First Lady Michelle Obama's vegetable garden. Throughout, Rodman lends his common sense and often humorous perspective through his hands-on learning experiences, interviews with experts and profiles of eco-leaders.