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Consumer Guide to DTV from Colorado Public Television; Three KBDI Digital Channels Currently Available


DENVER, CO – July 2, 2008 – “Digital Television NOW,” an online guide to the digital TV (DTV) conversion, has been launched by Colorado Public Television (KBDI-TV, Channel 12). 

The guide, available at www.kbdi.org/digital, provides clear, specific information about the switch to digital, including equipment and coupon details, new digital signals that are already available and answers to frequently asked questions.  It also explains KBDI’s unique DTV services and plans.

With three digital channels, Colorado Public Television offers more digital services than any other broadcaster in Colorado.  KBDI-DTV on Channel 12.1 simulcasts  KBDI’s flagship analog channel, a mix of local, national and international programming.  KBDI-DOC on Channel 12.2 broadcasts The Documentary Channel, featuring the works of independent filmmakers, and KBDI-MHz Worldview on Channel 12.3 features an extensive schedule of news and cultural programming for a globally-minded audience.  In 2009 KBDI will add a fourth digital channel to expand its local community affairs programming.              

All three channels may be seen today over-the-air for free if viewers have an antenna and either a digital receiver or a digital conversion box.

“For those viewers receiving television via cable or satellite, all three of KBDI’s digital channels will be carried by cable companies in February, and we and many of our viewers are encouraging the cable and satellite companies to add our digital channels to their lineups right now,” Wick Rowland, president of KBDI, said.  “Meanwhile, all viewers who receive our signal over the air may opt to purchase the digital converter today to view our Documentary and MHz Worldview channels right away.”

Viewers with questions about digital signal availability in their area -- including over-the-air, cable and satellite availability -- can look up their specific region on the website. Viewers also may sign up for an informative free fact sheet and periodic updates about the digital conversion via the website at www.kbdi.org/registration

Also included on the website is other practical information about digital services. Among the consumer recommendations cited are:

  • If you receive the station over the air with an antenna and purchase a digital converter box, keep the purchase receipt until you have tested the equipment to ensure the model you purchase is best for your home. 
  • If you are purchasing a digital converter box -- and you live in an area serviced by a KBDI translator (such as Boulder, Colorado Springs and Pueblo) or are served by a translator for another station -- select a digital converter box with a special analog pass through feature.  Not all converter box models contain the analog pass-through feature.
  • Buy the digital converter box now.  You can start getting better pictures, better sound and enjoy the additional digital channels that are available now from broadcast stations.


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About KBDI

KBDI has been providing high-quality, edgy programming as well as services that address substantive social and educational needs.  KBDI delivers three digital channels – more than any other Colorado broadcaster. In addition to its flagship KBDI broadcast channel station a strong mix of local, national and international programming, KBDI airs The Documentary Channel featuring the works of independent filmmakers and MHz Worldview, a lineup of programs providing diverse cultural perspectives for a globally minded audience.

Marcia Simmons
Director of Marketing and Communications
KBDI-TV, Channel 12 (PBS)
World View – Community Voice
2900 Welton St.
Denver, CO 80205
303-991-5020 (direct)
303-489-4012 (cell)

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