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CBS4, KCNC-TV, Rocky Mountain News and KBDI-Channel 12 Offer Unprecedented 'Colorado Decides' Coverage


July 10, 2008 -- CBS4, KCNC-TV--Denver, the Rocky Mountain News and KBDI-TV, Channel 12, have teamed up to offer voters Colorado Decides, the most comprehensive election coverage in Colorado.

In its third major election cycle of Colorado Decides election programming, the partners will present a dozen candidate and referendum debates.  In addition, the partners will cooperate in their coverage of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), and on Election Day will offer coordinated coverage of election results in their regular newscasts and news pages as well as on their websites and special video simulcasts. 

The hosts and panelists for each debate will be senior anchors, political reporters and analysts from the three organizations.

 “We’re very excited to partner with the Rocky Mountain News and KBDI to provide Colorado voters with unprecedented election coverage during what will surely be an exciting election year with the DNC being held in Denver, the Presidential campaign and many contentious ballot initiatives,” CBS4 General Manager Walt DeHaven said. “We will offer the most in-depth coverage with the most experienced local team, giving voters more information and more ways to get it.” 

“This is a way to provide Colorado voters authoritative election coverage in all media, including on the Internet,” said Rocky Mountain News Editor John Temple. “Together we can serve Coloradans better.”

KBDI -Channel 12 President and General Manager Wick Rowland said, “The partnership leads to more coverage of major ballot issues and candidate races than any media partnership in the state – and it may well be the most unique private-public media partnership in the nation.  We do not believe there is any PBS station in the country providing this amount of election debate programming.” 

The partnership’s Colorado Decides debate series will debut in July on KBDI-TV, Channel 12, featuring candidates in two major Congressional district primaries. 

In August, a Pre-Primary Election Special will be presented and U.S. Senate candidates will debate. A minimum of four separate referendum ballot issues will be debated in September, and Congressional district debates will be conducted in October.  In addition to being aired in their entirety on KBDI, each debate will be fully covered by the political reporters of the Rocky Mountain News and CBS4, and the taped debates will be placed on the websites of all three partners.

In addition, CBS4 and the Rocky Mountain News will offer The Colorado Poll, an ongoing public opinion survey designed to track opinions of Colorado voters and give voters the most complete local election coverage.  The Colorado Poll will be published in the Rocky Mountain News and reported on regularly during CBS4 newscasts. 

During the DNC, CBS4 will air “live” coverage on all newscasts as well as extended news coverage on KBDI-TV during the DNC with CBS4 Anchors Jim Benemann and Karen Leigh and “live” coverage from Larimer Square on a specially designed set on the roof of Tamayo. Reality Check reports from CBS4 Reporter Raj Chohan will air each night on CBS4 News at 10 p.m. during the convention. Leading up to the November election, CBS4 will feature major party congressional candidates and selected ballot issue representatives on CBS4 News.

The Rocky Mountain News will publish the state’s only daily election page and exhaustive coverage on its Web site, Rockymountainnews.com. In addition to airing each partnership debate in its entirety in prime time, KBDI will offer extended in-depth analysis of all the major candidates and ballot initiatives throughout the fall in its regular weekly public affairs programs, such as Colorado Inside Out, Studio 12, The Aaron Harber Show and Independent Thinking with Jon Caldara. 

On Election Day, viewers can get immediate election results from CBS4 at www.cbs4denver.com or from www.rockymountainnews.com. National and local returns will be featured on hourly updates on CBS4 News.  For exclusive local returns, voters can also tune to KBDI-TV, Channel 12, for a prime-time simulcast.   In addition, CBS4 will provide a “live” election-night webcast at www.cbs4denver.com  where viewers can watch streaming audio and video for complete election results and insights in “real time.”

For more information, call CBS4 at 303-861-4444, KBDI--Channel 12 at 303-296-1212, visit www.rockymountainnews.com or tune to CBS4, KCNC-TV, Denver and KBDI--Channel 12.



Danielle Dascalos, CBS4/KCNC-TV, 303-417-0921 or 720-837-3845 (cell)
Geri Meireis, Rocky Mountain News,303.954.2489

Marcia Simmons, KBDI, 303-991-5020 or 303-489-4012 (cell)

Colorado Decides 2008 Primary Season Debate Schedule


Taping Date


Broadcast Date

Program Host(s)


Congressional District 6 Primary


July 18, 2:00 p.m., KBDI Studios

Wil Armstrong

Mike Coffman

Ted Harvey

Steve Ward

Monday, July 21

8:00 p.m. (60 min)


Channel 12

Aaron Harber (Host), featuring CBS4’s Jim Benemann and RMN reporter April Washington


Congressional District 2 Primary Debate

July 25, 2:00 p.m., KBDI Studios

Joan Fitz-Gerald

Jared Polis

Wil Shafroth

Monday, July 28 8:00 p.m. (60 min)


Channel 12

Aaron Harber (Host), featuring CBS4’s Alan Gionet and RMN reporter Todd Hartman

Pre-Primary Election Special

Aug. 7, 2:00 p.m.

KBDI Studios

Colorado Decides Analysts

Friday, Aug. 8,

8:00 p.m. (60 min)


Channel 12

Aaron Harber (Host), featuring Terry Jessup and RMN reporter Lynn Bartels

U.S. Senate Debate

Aug. 14, 2 p.m.

KBDI Studios

Bob Schaffer

Mark Udall

Friday, Aug. 15

8:00 p.m. (60 min)


Channel 12

Jim Benemann, featuring Aaron Harber and RMN reporter Lynn Bartels

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