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Gary Null Scheduled Live at KBDI


DENVER – (July 24, 2008) – KBDI Channel 12 will host Gary Null Ph.D. in a live televised appearance on Tuesday, Aug. 5.  He will be in Denver to promote his two new programs, Power Foods and Food Mood Body Connection, which will air at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. respectively that night, exclusively on Channel 12.

Null is a leading health and nutrition expert as well as a strong advocate for Alternative Medicine and Natural Healing.

Power Foods explains how to optimize health by building understanding of the 15 most important foods that everyone needs to eat on a regular basis.

In Food Mood Body Connection, Null and program guests show specifically how diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and other lifestyle choices affect moods, energy levels, overall health and longevity.

A full schedule of air times for of Power Foods & Food Mood Body Connection and other KBDI programs can be found at www.kbdi.org.

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