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Colorado Public Television + CBS4 + Rocky Mountain News = Unparalled Election Coverage for Viewers

DENVER (September 11, 2008) – Between its local Democratic National Convention coverage with the local CBS affiliate,  KBDI’s exclusive live coverage of the Republican National Convention and its election-year Colorado Decides debate series with CBS4 and the Rocky Mountain News, it’s a banner year for Colorado Public Television, KBDI-Channel 12. 

Democratic National Convention.  At the DNC, news anchors from CBS 4, Denver’s CBS affiliate and program host Aaron Harber from KBDI provided 2 ½ hours of live coverage each evening.  Promoted heavily on CBS4, the program aired on KBDI’s Channel 12.  It was a highly successful model for commercial and public television election coverage partnerships.

KBDI also aired an exclusive nightly DNC program, “Snapshots From the DNC,” providing insights into the culture and events surrounding the Convention – behind-the-scenes activities, coverage of various protest groups, the “green’ efforts, information on delegate responsibilities and other features.  

Republican National Convention.  In the spirit of public broadcasting, equal time was devoted to the RNC as KBDI was the only local broadcaster providing  prime-time coverage.  The station aired 2 ½ hours of  live coverage  each evening and added a studio component with hosts and panelists from KBDI’s regular public affairs programs to provide analysis of the content. 

Colorado Decides.  The station’s election-year coverage is supplemented by 15 Colorado Decides debates of U.S. Senate and Congressional District candidates as well as proponents and opponents from a plethora of state ballot initiatives.  The Colorado Decides series is in partnership with CBS4 and the Rocky Mountain News. 

This is the third major election cycle of Colorado Decides election programming.
The hosts and panelists for each debate are senior anchors, political reporters and analysts from the three partnering organizations.  After debates air on KBDI, the three partners post each debate on their websites.

 “The partnership leads to more coverage of major ballot issues and candidate races than any media partnership in the state – and it may well be the most unique private-public media partnership in the nation,” Wick Rowland, KBDI -Channel 12 President and General Manager, said.

Election Night Coverage.  On Election Night the three partners will offer coordinated coverage of election results and broadcast three hours of prime time coverage on KBDI from the CBS 4 studios.

This is a partnership that differentiates KBDI in the market, Rowland said.  “The ultimate winners are the partners’ readers and viewers, who have access to exceptional information for making their voting decisions.”


About KBDI

KBDI has been providing high-quality, edgy programming as well as services that address substantive social and educational needs.  KBDI delivers three digital channels – more than any other Colorado broadcaster. In addition to its flagship KBDI broadcast channel station with a strong mix of local, national and international programming, KBDI airs The Documentary Channel featuring the works of independent filmmakers and MHz Worldview, a lineup of programs providing diverse cultural perspectives for a globally minded audience.

Marcia Simmons
Director of Marketing and Communications
KBDI-TV, Channel 12 (PBS)
World View – Community Voice
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Denver, CO 80205
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Photos Available for Download

Democratic National Convention
Democratic National Convention

KBDI's Aaron Harber (left) with CBS4's Jim Benemann and Karen Leigh provided commentary during join KBDI-CBS4 live coverage  of the Democratic National Convention.

1600 X 1064 PIXELS     273 KB
Colorado Decides
Colorado Decides

Four U.S. Senate candidates debate issues on Colorado Decides, a partnership of Colorado Public Television-KBDI, CBS4 and the Rocky Mountain News.  Fifteen candidate and ballot issue debates will be conducted this election year. 

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