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Two Months and Counting! – Apply, Buy and Try!

DENVER – (December 17, 2008) – Two months and counting! 

While it’s two months from today on February 17, 2009 when television stations will change to digital transmission, consumers who use rooftop antennas or rabbit ears for TV reception are urged to act within the next two weeks to order coupons to save money when buying converter boxes.

It’s a three-step “apply, buy and try” process, KBDI-Channel 12 advises. 

Consumers should apply for their coupons immediately, buy a converter when the coupons arrive and try the converter box with their analog TV to address any potential technical issues before February 17, 2009. 

The three-step process may take six weeks or more, so consumers who do not act by the end of the year may not be ready for the transition on February 17.
Information about the digital transition is available on the KBDI.org website.


About KBDI

KBDI provides high-quality, edgy programming as well as services that address substantive social and educational needs.  KBDI delivers three digital channels – more than any other Colorado broadcaster.  In addition to its flagship KBDI broadcast channel, KBDI airs The Documentary Channel featuring the works of independent filmmakers and MHz Worldview, a lineup of programs providing diverse cultural perspectives for a globally minded audience.

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Director of Marketing & Communications
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Denver, CO 80205
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