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Channel 12 Shuts Off Analog Signal by Original Federal Deadline Following Wind Damage to Analog Antenna


DENVER – February 10, 2009 – After further assessment of its wind-damaged analog antenna, KBDI-Channel 12 (PBS) will not repair the antenna and instead is urging viewers to transition to its digital signal which has been "alive and well" for viewers for several years.

"We decided it would not be responsible stewardship of our membership dollars to invest additional funds to repair analog service that provides a mere three to four months of benefit," Wick Rowland, president and general manager of Colorado Public Television, said, referring to the pending nationwide shutoff of analog broadcasts. "We instead encourage over-the-air viewers to switch now to digital."

Over-the-air television viewers who have installed digital converters can watch the three KBDI digital signals currently distributed on Channel 38 – the flagship station (DT-12.1), The Documentary Channel (DT-12.2) and MHz Worldview (DT-12.3). Consumers' on-screen channel guides will display channels as 12-1, 12-2 and 12-3 once channel 38 is acquired in a converter box or a digital TV tuner.

Digital over-the-air (DT-12.1) viewers and customers of Comcast and other cable companies as well as subscribers to DirecTV and DISH are not affected by the analog outage. Service via Colorado Springs translator channel 32 and Boulder translator channel 11 also remains uninterrupted.

Over-the-air viewers who previously received the analog signal should be able to acquire KBDI digital signals. However, there may be exceptions, depending primarily on the strength of a viewer's antenna and specific geographic barriers at their location.

The damage to the KBDI antenna occurred when recent 100+ mile per hour winds inflicted damage on the antenna and transmission line atop Squaw Mountain in Clear Creek County. At 11,480 feet, the station's tower is the highest television transmission site in North America.


About KBDI

KBDI-PBS/12 provides high-quality, edgy programming as well as services that address substantive social and educational needs. KBDI delivers three distinct digital channels. In addition to its flagship KBDI broadcast channel (12.1), KBDI airs The Documentary Channel featuring the works of independent filmmakers (12.2) and MHz Worldview, a lineup of programs providing diverse cultural perspectives for a globally minded audience (12.3). Eventually, as resources permit, KBDI plans to add a fourth digital stream of additional local and international programming.

Marcia Simmons
Director of Marketing & Communications
KBDI-Channel 12 (PBS)
303-991-5020 (direct); 303-489-4012 (cell)

Photos Available for Download

KBDI Shuts Off Analog Signal
KBDI Shuts Off Analog Signal

KBDI technician attempts repairs to the station's Squaw Mountain antenna. At 11,480 feet, the station's tower is the highest television transmission site in North America.

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