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How Safe is Air Travel?

DENVER – February 12, 2009 – How safe is air travel?

For a discussion of that question and more, tune in to an online interview with two experts that is available via free video-on-demand viewing at www.KBDI.org.

In the Studio 12 program, host Steffan Tubbs interviewed Greg Feith, former NTSB investigator, and Mike Boyd, president of Boyd Group International.  They discussed the landing of US Airways Flight 1549 and “all that can be learned from the flight” as well as the first incident at Denver International Airport and other recent air travel incidents.

“There are heroic acts all the time and we just don’t know about them,” Feith reported, as he described actions on various flights that were simply “crews doing what they were trained to do….pretty much on a daily basis.”  Both panelists also spoke of the “unsung heroes,” the maintenance workers.

“Overall, we have to take away (from the Flight 1549 flight) that we have the safest air system in the world,” Boyd and Feith said.
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Studio 12 "How Safe is Air Travel?"
Studio 12 "How Safe is Air Travel?"

Former National Transportation Safety Board Investigator Greg Feith (right) responds to an air traffic safety question from “Studio 12” Host Steffan Tubbs (center).  Feith and Mike Boyd, president of Boyd Group International (left), discussed the landing of US Airways Flight 1549 and air traffic safety during a recent “Studio 12.”  The program is available for free video-on-demand viewing at www.KBDI.org.

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