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Studio 12 Viewer Program on Transportation Issues Available for Free Video-on-Demand Viewing at www.KBDI.org

Denver—May 21, 2009 — The safety of bridges in Colorado, the impact of transportation legislation on jobs and safety, future transit options and transportation funding mechanisms were among topics covered during an interview with Studio 12 host Steffan Tubbs last night. 

The program is available for free video-on-demand viewing on the KBDI-Channel 12 website at www.KBDI.org.

Carla Perez from the Governor’s Office of Policy and Initiatives, Tamra Ward from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and Denver Post transportation reporter Jeffrey Leib were program panelists.

The recently signed FASTER (Funding Advancements for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery) bill was discussed along with the state’s need for future funding sources.  Tubbs also asked panelists to explain the “why” behind “transportation costs that boggle the mind,” and viewers joined the live call-in program with questions about specific transportation issues. 

Photos Available for Download

Studio 12 "FASTER"
Studio 12 "FASTER"

Tamra Ward from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce (left) discusses impact of transportation on economic development to Steffan Tubbs (center), host of "Studio 12."  Program panelists Carla Perez from the Governor's Office of Policy and iNitiatives and "Denver Post" reporter Jeffrey Leib also are pictured.  The program is available via free video-on-demand at www.KBDI.org

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