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It’s 1959 in New Colorado Inside Out Time Travel Episode; Producers Aim for Third Consecutive Emmy Nomination

DenverJune 23, 2009 – It’s 1959, international communism is on the rise in Cuba and Tibet, the Russians are winning the Space Race – but – it’s all great news for Colorado.

At least, that’s how television co-producer Larry Pachett pictures it.

KBDI-Channel 12’s Colorado Inside Out is doing Time Travel again – this time taking viewers back to the height of the red scare during a new episode of the Emmy-nominated show.

The program will air Friday, July 3 at 5 p.m. and again at 8 p.m. It will also be available online at www.KBDI.org after July 4 via in the video-on-demand section.

Program host Raj Chohan of CBS4 News portrays fictional character Nedward Browfurrow, panelist Patricia Calhoun, editor of Westword newspaper, depicts fictional character Miss Colorado 1959 Tricia Calhoun, succeeding Marilyn VanDerbur who was crowned Miss America in 1958.  David Kopel, research director of the Independence Institute, reveals himself as fictional character David Drizzlewhit-Kopelwitz, former Rocky Mountain News reporter Kevin Flynn represented actual Rocky Mountain News reporter Al Nakkula and Craig Silvermen, a lawyer and KHOW radio contributor, channeled his own grandfather Sheldon Silverman, a real estate attorney.

The panel will discuss the important issues of the day, including the spread of Communism, the growth of military operations in Colorado including Rocky Flats and the Air Force Academy, the increasing size of the state in the midst of the need for more highways to accommodate and Denver’s staggering crime rate.

It’s the eighth such time Colorado Inside Out will take viewers back in time, including the back-to-back Emmy-nominated 1927 and 1858 episodes which ran in 2007 and 2008, respectively. The years 1906, 1945, 1968 and 1980 were also shown in previous years.

“With the good fortune of receiving Emmy nominations for our last two forays in the Time Machine, we were very excited to do whatever we could to make our recent trip 1959 extra special,” said KBDI production manager Dominic Dezzutti. “Those episodes are always one of our favorites to produce and from the response they receive, it looks like they are a viewer favorite, too.”

Photos Available for Download


Kevin Flynn and David Kopel look over their scripts to prepare their characters for the taping of Colorado Inside Out at the KBDI-TV studios.

2560 X 1920 PIXELS     3237 KB

From left, Crag Silverman, Kevin Flynn and David Kopel all channel their 1950’s counterparts by trying to smoke as much as possible in the 1959 time travel episode of Colorado Inside Out.

2560 X 1920 PIXELS     3502 KB

Panelist Davbid Kopel reads through Lady Chatterley’s Lover before the Colorado Inside Out time travel show to get an idea of what was taboo in 1959.

2560 X 1920 PIXELS     3367 KB

Colorado Inside Out co-producer Larry Patchett checks Craig Silverman’s microphone before the time travel show begins.

2560 X 1920 PIXELS     3176 KB

Third Emmy Nomination? Producers and panelists of Channel 12's Colorado Inside Out hope this year's time travel episode -- 1959 -- brings a third consecutive regional Emmy nomination.  Left to right, Program Host Raj Chohan and panelists Craig Silverman, Kevin Flynn, David Kopel and Patricia Calhoun. The program airs Friday, July 3 at 5 and 8 p.m.  View it online at www.KBDI.org after July 4.

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