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KBDI Receives Two Emmys for Interview Discussion Program

Denver – July 18, 2009 – KBDI-TV Colorado Public Television received two Emmy Awards at tonight’s gala in Denver. Both Emmys were for the Interview/Discussion Category. Due to a rare tie, KBDI’s entries were among four Emmy recipients in that category.

Heather Domko, Tamara Banks and Dominic Dezzutti received Emmys for their work on a special edition of Studio 12 that examined the slavery issue in Sudan. The program included exclusive footage shot by Banks during her 2008 visit to the area. Watch online.

Larry Patchett and Dominic Dezzutti received Emmys for their work on a special “Time Machine” episode of Colorado Inside Out: Circa 1858. Host Raj Chohan and panelists Patricia Calhoun, David Kopel, Dani Newsum and Kevin Flynn all portrayed characters from Colorado’s past, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of Denver. Watch online.

Studio 12 and Colorado Inside Out are the flagship public affairs programs at KBDI and are available for free viewing at www.KBDI.org at the Video On-Demand section.


About KBDI
KBDI has set itself apart with carriage of an unparalleled amount of local public affairs programming. KBDI "community voice" programming engages viewers in community-based discussions of state, national and global issues. KBDI delivers its flagship station with a strong mix of local, national and international programming (DT 12.1); The Documentary Channel, featuring the works of independent filmmakers (DT 12.2); and MHz Worldview (DT 12.3), a channel providing diverse cultural perspectives for a globally minded audience.


Joseph Nagle, University of Northern Colorado Marketing Intern
KBDI-TV, Channel 12 (PBS)
Marcia Simmons, Director of Marketing & Communications
303-991-5020 (direct); 303-489-4012 (cell)

Photos Available for Download

Emmy-Award Winners
Emmy-Award Winners

Pictured left-right: Heather Domko, Dominic Dezzutti, Tamara Banks, Larry Patchett

422 X 317 PIXELS     95 KB
Emmy-Award Winners
Emmy-Award Winners

Dominic Dezzutti (left) and Larry Patchett (right) show off their Emmys for Colorado Inside Out "Time Machine" Circa 1858

422 X 317 PIXELS     88 KB
Emmy-Award Winners
Emmy-Award Winners

Studio 12 winners Heather Domko (left), Dominic Dezzutti (center), and Tamara Banks (right) bask in the glory of Emmy gold.

422 X 317 PIXELS     101 KB

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