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Channel 12’s over-the-air transmission in Colorado Springs and Pueblo will change to digital on January 13

DENVER – (January 8, 2010) – On Wednesday, Jan. 13, KBDI-Channel 12’s over-the-air transmission to Colorado Springs and Pueblo will change to a digital signal, a change that will provide viewers two additional channels from Colorado Public Television. 

While the change is being made, both the analog and digital signal will be unavailable for a few hours that day. Viewers will be able to check the station’s website at www.kbdi.org for progress reports.

“After the change is complete, if our viewers turn on their TV and find Channel 12 is black, they will need to re-scan their digital TV converter,” KBDI Engineer Mark Seewald advises.  Some viewers will need to re-scan twice.

With the new digital signal, viewers will see three channels from KBDI.  (The signal is moving from UHF Channel 32 to a new permanent frequency on VHF Channel 31; the on-screen program guide will display the channels’ signals as 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 once the frequency is acquired.) 

If you have problems receiving the Channel 12 signal after the change to digital, the following tips are recommended:
• Check all of your connections
• Make sure your antenna is VHF capable.
• Even if you have received a good channel 12 signal in the past, it may be necessary to adjust or upgrade your antenna. An adjustment of just a few degrees can make a big difference.
• If you have more than one TV connected to a single antenna, try disconnecting all but one of them and then perform a full channel re-scan.  If you are not able to acquire channel 12 and other available local channels, you may need to purchase an inexpensive RF or TV amplifier and place it in front of the splitter.
• You may need to try different antenna locations in your home, including placement near a window, as high in a room as possible and/or away from other electronic equipment. 

If all of the above does not provide reception, you may want to use a rooftop antenna or upgrade an existing antenna to potentially provide better reception.

If you are receiving the Channel 12 signal, but it pixelates or has other problems, try these troubleshooting tips:
• Adjust your antenna. Even a small shift of a few degrees can make a big difference.
• Consider purchasing an inexpensive RF or TV amplifier.
• Make sure your antenna connectors are good. Sometimes it’s necessary to disconnect and re-reconnect both ends of the cable to remove oxidation. This is especially true for outdoor and attic antennas.

A full schedule of air times for programs on all three digital channels can be found at www.KBDI.org.

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