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Colorado Public Television Launches Health Initiative


December 20, 2011

Colorado Public Television Launches Health Initiative –
Including On-Air Series, New Online Health Portal,
and Game Theory-Based Health Risk Assessment Tools

Powerful interactive solutions by AnswersMedia paired with
CPT12’s broadcast and online reach creates a game changer for health and wellness,
revenue potential, and Coloradans’ personal health incentives

Denver, CO – Colorado Public Television (CPT12, Channel 12) has partnered with Chicago-based AnswersMedia Inc. to offer Coloradans an abundance of health, wellness and prevention media, as well as two highly-interactive web tools that provide individual health-risk assessments and management programs.

This comprehensive package of information, media and tools, provides CPT12 viewers with a new way to take control of their health. The new elements include:

“Say Ahh”
This 26-part television series includes short video segments on everything from heart disease, migraines, healthy skin and diabetes to cancer, depression, anxiety and gastroesophageal reflux – offering information, treatment options and related content such as recipes and exercise routines.

“Say Ahh” will premiere on December 29 at 7:30pm on Channel 12.1 with three back-to-back episodes (this mini-marathon will be preceded by the half-hour special, “CPT12’s Health & Wellness Web Tour," which airs at 7pm).  On January 1, “Say Ahh” will air from 12:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. in a special 11-part marathon. Finally, beginning on January 8, the series will air Sundays at 5:30 p.m. as part of a health-related block of programs that will air each Sunday from 4:30 – 6 p.m.

CPT12 Health & Wellness Blog
Located at cpt12.org/health, this new blog takes a fresh look at local health issues, crazes and concerns. Just launched, the page kicks off with three posts by local feature writer Kevin Williams: “Glutens for Punishment: Our Love Affair with a Protein that Increasingly Doesn’t Love Us Back;” “Where Can You Find Fresh, Local Food & Produce During the Winter?” and Barefoot Running Races Back to the Evolutionary Starting Line.”

CPT12 Health View
Launched from cpt12.org/health, this comprehensive health portal features a huge cache of health information, videos and interactive tools. In addition to pages dedicated to conditions, symptoms, and medications, it offers tools and recipes for healthy eating, plus a number of “health centers” that offer focused videos and articles on each topic, including stroke, weight control, heart health, diabetes, eating smart and healthy living.  

This powerful interactive health assessment tool provides an in­depth evaluation of an individual’s health risks. Focusing on life expectancy, AgeGage helps participants understand their habits, behaviors, and conditions in the context of their “real” physiological age. Throughout the entire assessment process, AgeGage delivers unprecedented levels of engagement, including dynamic media content shaped by user input, and encouragement through digital coaching. Completion of AgeGage provides the gateway into the WellRight health and wellness management program.

WellRight integrates gameplay theory with medical science to offer a dynamic health and wellness management program. Drawing on a vast library of video content, WellRight delivers personalized meal plans, exercise routines, digital coaching and incentives to keep users on track and eating right – including community interaction and reward points.

Designed to complement each other, AgeGage and WellRight are CPT12 member-only services that can help people make sense of their individual situations, offering goal setting, customized menus (and shopping lists), coaching and even competition – with incentives – between users. Both are HIPAA compliant.

With this broad spectrum of on-air topics covering the latest in health care research, and these online tools offering dynamic content shaped around individuals, CPT12 and AnswersMedia have created an innovative model for engaging viewers on-air and online.

The CPT12 / AnswersMedia partnership will also introduce new revenues to both organizations through new markets, subscription models and partnership potential – enhancing alternative resources that will increase CPT12’s financial independence.

“A partnership with AnswersMedia and their high quality health programming is a natural fit for CPT12 with our long history of progressive wellness content,” said Wick Rowland, president and CEO of Colorado Public Television. “Along with interactive tools that empower our viewers to take charge of their health, and revenue opportunities that can improve the health of the CPT12 bottom line, it’s a win-win.”

Subscriptions to WellRight and AgeGage will serve as incentives for CPT12 donors. Additional revenue opportunities will include marketing subscriptions to organizations that want to help their employees improve their health, and work toward lowering insurance costs. Additionally, organizations can sponsor coupons and other incentives to users through the game-based points competition.

“Our relationship with Colorado Public Television gives us a valued broadcast partner committed to providing health and wellness content to its viewers," said Jeff Bohnson, President and CEO of AnswersMedia Inc. "Its state-wide reach creates an opportunity to significantly increase the impact of the new AnswersMedia interactive Health Portal, and the AgeGage/WellRight lifestyle management program, as we continue to update and expand vital wellness and prevention solutions via multi-platform distribution that in Colorado, will now include both broadcast and the web."

CPT12 has committed to extensive health care coverage on-air and online and has developed key funding and content partnerships including The Colorado Trust, Tri-County Health Department and various content distributors and producers. From children’s health to boomers and seniors, CPT12 is offering a robust line up of health care resources to our Colorado audience and beyond.

About Colorado Public Television – CPT12 (formerly KBDI)
Every day Colorado Public Television (CPT12) sets itself apart with an unparalleled schedule of local, independent, “community voice” public affairs programming and invites our statewide audience to explore new issues, ideas, people and places in the state, nation and world. CPT12 curates three digital channels including our flagship signal with a mix of local, national and international programming and infused with quality PBS shows (12.1); CPT12+, the best of independently produced documentaries, music, travel, exercise, cooking, public affairs and more (12.2); and MHz Worldview, providing international news from five continents and diverse cultural perspectives for a globally minded audience (12.3). Noted by The Denver Post in its “2010 TV person of the year” honor of CEO Wick Rowland, CPT12 is a “feisty outlet” that takes a tough stance “on matters of censorship & politics.”

World View – Community Voice

About AnswersMedia
Chicago-based AnswersMedia Health, a division of AnswersMedia, LLC., is a global provider of convergence media solutions that help healthcare companies communicate more effectively with consumers, retailers, other healthcare businesses, and professional associations.   Creators of vetted healthcare programming and other wellness and prevention content for broadcast and the web, we develop and integrate content management software platforms with graphic design, animation, and video production, delivering enhanced interactive engagements that help our clients increase their share of the consumer-directed healthcare market.  


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