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"Mayan Renaissance" Makes it Broadcast Premiere on CPT12

CPT12 is proud to present the broadcast premiere of MAYAN RENAISSANCE. The film will air Wednesday, June 6 at 7:00 pm on Channel 12.1.

This elegant, thought-provoking film documents the glory of the ancient Maya civilization, the Spanish conquest in 1519, five hundred years of oppression, and the courageous fight of the Maya to reclaim their voice and determine their own future in Guatemala and throughout Central America.

With images, voices, expert commentary and music from the heart of the Mayan world in Central America, the film shares the Mayan's vision for the future, including their call for a long-foretold renaissance of Maya culture and wisdom, and their 100-year plan to lead humanity forward from the year 2012.

Director Dawn Engle and Producer Ivan Suvanjieff – who also co-founded PeaceJam, a Denver-based movement that brings youth and Nobel Peace Laureates together to change the world – will be live in the studio to discuss the film during its premiere.

Photos Available for Download

Mayan Renaissance
Mayan Renaissance

Rigoberta Menchú Tum

1920 X 1080 PIXELS     2395 KB
Mayan Renaissance
Mayan Renaissance
1920 X 1080 PIXELS     1390 KB
Mayan Renaissance
Mayan Renaissance
903 X 600 PIXELS     516 KB

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