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Colorado Public Television to Host Jefferson Rubin Documentary Fundraiser


Colorado Public Television to Host Jefferson Rubin Documentary Fundraiser
Tribute and Silent Art Auction on Sunday, September 9, Wynkoop Brewing Company

Colorado Public Television (CPT12, PBS) will host a tribute and silent art auction to raise funds for the currently-in-production documentary Jefferson Rubin: The Hero’s Journey. The event will be held on Sunday afternoon, September 9, from 2- 5 p.m. at the Wynkoop Brewing Company, 1634 18th Street, Denver CO 80202. Admission is free but donations are requested.

CPT12 Producer/Director Joshua V. Hassel (Allen True’s West, REX RAY, Sandzén: Ecstasy of Color) is currently in production on an hour-long documentary on the life and art of Jefferson Rubin. Through the use of Jefferson’s writings and first hand reminiscences  of art experts, family and friends, the hour-long documentary will reveal the fascinating life story of the creative young neo-classical sculptor.

Jefferson Rubin (1959 – 1995) was a brilliant young artist whose sculptures were classically inspired. A Colorado native, Jefferson studied in Italy and the United States and founded La Scuola, Classical Sculpture School in Denver. His artworks were exhibited in galleries and museums across the country and abroad. Jefferson died in a tragic mountain accident in 1995. His artwork can be seen in the Fresco Fine Arts Book Frammenti Della Vita, The Art and Writings of Jefferson D. Rubin.

 “I gave my heart to nature and my soul to art.”    ~Jefferson D. Rubin (1959 -1995)

Colorado Public Television, CPT12 (PBS) requests your support for the currently-in- production documentary, Jefferson Rubin: The Hero’s Journey.


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Photos Available for Download

Jefferson Rubin: A Hero's Journey
Jefferson Rubin: A Hero's Journey

Jefferson Rubin Frammento Donna della Colonna

3000 X 1148 PIXELS     2154 KB
Jefferson Rubin: A Hero's Journey
Jefferson Rubin: A Hero's Journey
Photo of Jefferson Rubin courtesy of David Schler
1073 X 720 PIXELS     1118 KB
Jefferson Rubin: A Hero's Journey
Jefferson Rubin: A Hero's Journey

Jefferson Rubin L’Uomo in Piedi

1500 X 1500 PIXELS     1608 KB

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