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Funding for Public Broadcasting Under Attack

Funding for Public Broadcasting Under Attack 
Colorado Public Television asks community to join 170 Million Americans
October 5, 2012 – Denver, Colorado – Colorado Public Television (CPT12) today is calling for Coloradans to join us in showing support for the federal appropriation for public broadcasting by joining the “170 Million Americans” campaign after Governor Romney called for the elimination of the funding in the first presidential debate on October 3.
Romney’s comment has generated an overwhelming  negative response from the American public, which strongly supports the federal investment in public broadcasting. The “170 Million Americans” campaign is working to harness this outpouring of support for public broadcasting to further grow and strengthen the campaign and the efforts to protect federal funding for public broadcasting. 
Public broadcasting is not—and should not be—a partisan issue.
Federal funding for public broadcasting amounts to only $1.35 per American, per year. Every year, the vast majority of federal funding goes directly to local stations in local communities around the country. For every federal dollar received by stations, local  viewers contribute  another six non-federal dollars
Federal funding supports the best news, children’s and music programming available today, and reaches over 98 percent of Americans –including those in the most rural parts of the country. Every month more than 170 million Americans – over half of the population of the United States – rely on public broadcasting services.  Here in Colorado, CPT12 serves a monthly audience of 675,000 people throughout the state.
“The federal support constitutes about 15% of the CPT12 budget,” said Wick Rowland, President and CEO of Channel 12.  “Those funds are crucial to our ability to provide so much local public affairs and arts programming; without them our unique services to Colorado would be greatly undermined. Federal money also supports much national PBS programming and the technical distribution systems for public television and radio,” he added.  “Their loss would add considerably to the costs of the local stations.”
Federal funding for public broadcasting is roughly one one-hundredth of one percent of the federal budget. Getting rid of it would have almost no impact on the nation’s debt, but the loss to communities across the country would be devastating.
PBS is watched on TV by 236 million Americans annually. In a month, Americans stream 145 million videos on PBS' Web and mobile platforms. 
“A national survey by the bipartisan research firms of Hart Research and American Viewpoint in 2011 in found that over two-thirds of American voters (69%) oppose proposals to eliminate government funding of public broadcasting, with Americans across the political spectrum against such a cut,” said Paula Kerger, President and CEO of PBS. “As a stated supporter of education, Governor Romney should be a champion of public broadcasting, yet he is willing to wipe out services that reach the vast majority of Americans, including underserved audiences, such as children who cannot attend preschool and citizens living in rural areas.”
Please join CPT12 in letting Congress know that you support federal support for public broadcasting by going to 170MillionAmericans.org. More information on the value of PBS to Americans is available at ValuePBS.org. 
About Colorado Public Television – CPT12 
In 2012, Colorado Public Television (CPT12, PBS) is celebrating our namesake year with a focus on community giving and special programming. We set ourselves apart by creating and curating an unparalleled schedule of local, independent, trusted “community voice” programming on three channels including:
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Noted by The Denver Post CPT12 is a “feisty outlet” that takes a tough stance “on matters of censorship & politics.” We’re now on Comcast in Summit County on channels 12, 251 and 252 (12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 respectively).
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