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Colorado Public Television to Premiere “Crop Circle Update: The Wake Up Call” with Live In-Studio Guest Filmmaker Patty Greer

December 3, 2013 (Denver, CO) – Colorado Public Television (CPT12, Channel 12 PBS) will premiere the multi-award-winning film, "Crop Circle Update: The Wake Up Call" by Colorado filmmaker Patty Greer on Thursday, December 5th from 7-8:30 pm. Filmed in Wiltshire England, the epicenter of the crop circle phenomenon, the film presents ideas to help explain why the “circlemakers” have chosen this ‘canvas’ year after year.
“Crop Circle Update: The Wake Up Call” explores the possibility that crop circles may be the first physical manifestation of extra terrestrial (ET) communication that humanity can see, and may be encoded with “keys of wisdom and advanced technologies diagrams.” The film suggests that these messages are being delivered subconsciously through sacred geometric patterns, binary codes and pictograms and serve as direct messages from “parallel realities” perhaps, in a language humans can understand: art & math.
“Colorado Public Television supports grass roots and independent filmmakers and the expression of diverse opinions and viewpoints on many subjects,” said CPT12 Director of Development, Shari Bernson. “Many viewers have requested the station air more programming related to the subject of crop circles after debuting the topic in 2012. It’s exciting that the station can take risks in exploring information and material not widely distributed through mainstream media.”
“Appearing around the world for centuries, crop circles have mystified everyone," said filmmaker Patty Greer. “This multi-award-winning documentary offers more than 30 years of illuminating crop circle images and history. Many crop circles have been extremely complex, with binary coded messages that have been deciphered. We present some of the greatest binary crop circles of all time in this movie, that we believe, offer messages to assist humanity. We also share the only footage known in the world where you will see a crop circle being created by 2 calls of light – just after a visible line of communication appears between them!”
"Were we told about the 69 new crop circles in England in 2012?” asks Greer. “Or the other 56 that were documented in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Czech Republic, Iran, Slovakia, France, The Netherlands, Latvia, Poland, Macedonia, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, USA, Denmark and Australia? Probably not. Don't you really want to know?"
"Crop Circle Update: The Wake Up Call" features crop circle experts including: Patricia Cori (IT), Barbara Lamb (USA), Bert Janssen (NL), Janet Ossebaard (NL), Geoff Stray (UK), Bearcloud (USA), Palden Jenkins (UK), Charles Mallett (UK), Nick Ashron (UK), Simon Peter Fuller (UK) and Isabelle Kingston (UK).


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