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KBDI to Air SHARED HISTORY by Local Producer Felicia Furman


The Saga of the Intertwined Lives of Slave Owners and Slaves

What would the descendants of slaves and slave owners say to each other if they converged at the historical place of struggle where their shared histories began 260 years ago?

SHARED HISTORY provides a keyhole through which viewers can eavesdrop on the conversations of a group of black and white families whose fates have been connected since American Revolution days.

Some had never met before, some had known each other for years, but all were connected to Woodlands Plantation in Midway, SC. They agreed to come together to talk about the realities of their “shared history” for the first time in centuries.

The one-hour documentary airs on KBDI on Saturday, February 18 at 9 pm.

SHARED HISTORY is the result of a meeting between Boulder resident Felicia Furman (a direct descendant of William Gilmore Simms, an early owner of Woodlands Plantation), Rhonda Kearse (a descendant of Jim Rumph, one of the 70-plus slaves who toiled there) and Charles Orr (a descendant of Isaac Nimmons, a slave coachman at the site).

While independently researching their respective family histories, the trio met and began to uncover the mythologies about the old relationship through family interviews and archival evidence.

Assisted by an extraordinary collection of historic images and documents, oral histories and family photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries, SHARED HISTORY documents the living descendants’ efforts to examine the families' continued relationships and the myths that sustained the connection through more than two centuries.

Shared History was produced by Felicia Furman Productions and is a presentation of South Carolina ETV. Funding was provided in part by CPB/ITVS; National Endowment for the Humanities; Humanities Council SC; Daniel-Mickel Foundation; and John I Smith Charities.

For more information, or to read Felicia Furman's comments on the film project, go to www.sharedhistory.org.

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